Lore 1 | Shea: The world that never stays




Shea is a world with endless black towering strands, called Riah, that shoot up from the ground. Or so it seems. The strands block out most of the light, making Shea a generally dark place to be residing in.

The ground on Shea is relatively soft, sinking in with every step taken, and is constantly pulsating. Also, it is filled with craters and all of this makes it tough for the inhabitants, Sheans, to transverse. To make things worse, giant puddles of salty water will erupt from the craters at random moments. Mostly when the pulsation increases or when the weather gets warmer. These puddles of salty water are also the source of food for the Sheans.


The Sheans’ capabilites

Once or twice a day, multiple blasts of bubbly fluid and pure water pours down from above and threatens to wash the Sheans off if they do not hold on tight to the Riahs. These required them to have a certain amount of strength for their survival to make sure that they do not get flushed away along with the bursts of fluids. Sheans who are strong enough take this opportunity to gather the only source of fresh water while holding on for their lives.

Sheans found no need to be intelligent as they lead very simple lives and they are easily satisfied with what they have. Although a minority of them with thirst for knowledge do read up in the library during their past time. Sheans who are agile are highly valued as the land below was so dense that air could barely reach the base and they are able to maneuver their way up the towering strands to obtain nitrogen from the air in order for them to breathe.



The Sheans were all happy and carefree till one day, one of their agile counterparts got thrown off the world to what seemed like an endless abyss. He was up on a Riah gathering nitrogen when it just detached and flew off and he got carried away with it.

Now the Sheans had something to worry about. It was the first time ever they had witnessed a Riah detaching and them losing one of their own. Amongst the mourning, they realised that they could no longer just rely on one aspect of their abilities. They had to have a certain amount of strength in order for them to not get flushed away from the daily flood. A certain level of agility for them to maneuver on the tough terrain and maybe, just maybe, a higher mental capability for them to predict what could come their way in future and ways to prevent such catastrophes from happening again.



Feel free to create your own characters to play in this seemingly small and simple world to just keep yourself alive and easily contented or create it in such a way whereby you help the world keep themselves safe or reach further heights.

Do include your name, general appearance, age, distribute your points for strength, agility and intelligence, totalling up to 8 points and any other information you want to add for your character.
Thank you

3 thoughts on “Lore 1 | Shea: The world that never stays”

  1. Name: Kappa
    Age: 28
    (OOC: Is there a gender? If there is it can be male for my character)

    Strength: 3
    Agility: 3
    Intelligence: 2

    Kappa has always been pretty average. His strength are enough to hold on to the black strands so he never feared being washed off. But there don’t seem to be much else he could use the strength for.

    Kappa is tall though. In face he is a full neck and shoulders taller than the rest. So even though his agility is too average, he sometimes climbs slightly higher than most, and gathers more nitrogen for those who needs it below.

    Moreover, he actually likes going up the long black strands. Kappa was curious on what is at the top of the black strands (OOC: give these strands a name? @@) when he was younger, but he can never even climb as far up as the more agile Sheans, and even the most agile Sheans cannot tell them what is above the black strands.

    So eventually, that became a challenge for him, to always try to climb higher than the more agile Sheans. Once or twice he did. Mostly he didn’t.

    By 28, going as far up as he could was merely a form of habit, entertainment and way to pass the time. He didn’t care for the library, and this entertainment was more than enough for a simple person like Kappa to get by.

    When he heard about the Shean that floated away, Kappa was bewildered and sad. But more than that, for the first time Kappa is afraid. When such a talented Shean could lose their life so easily, what will happen to the average Kappa?

  2. Name: Klaus
    Age: 25


    Klaus enjoyed the library. He wasn’t really into climbing the strands as high as he could, but he knew how to get by just fine. He’s quite reserved and was kind to others, but he was such a worrywart. Camping in the library and reading up on their situation helped to calm him down a little bit. Just a realistic being I guess.

    Tragically, he actually knew the Shean who was washed away by the flood. They weren’t close friends or anything, but they occasionally made small talk while clinging on the black strands. That made Klaus realise the severity of the situation they were in, and how they needed to find a solution ASAP.

    Klaus remains hopeful about their survival, turning to the books for help.

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