Lore 3 | Who is in charge of Shea

Prior to the incident whereby the Riah got uprooted, Sheans led very easy and carefree lives. They had nothing to worry about and they were all easily satisfied. They minded their own business as everyone were responsible and their respective tasks were sufficient for the world to be functioning. But now, with doubts lingering all around and having some Sheans being too worried to be doing their part for the sustainability of the world, the group of intellects whom gathered for that sole purpose realise that there is a more apparent hindrance. They have to find a way to bring those Sheans who are badly affected back to normal by means of persuasion or fear if need be, for the better of the world.

The intellects discussed and decided that there is now a need for a leader in their world to keep the order in place in the world and to ensure that the peace is not disrupted. The behaviour of some of the Sheans now, may very well threaten the sustainability of Shea. After all, the Sheans are surviving up till now because everyone were doing their respective tasks. They come to a conclusion that the leader has to be someone respected enough for the rest of the Sheans to be obeying him and wise enough to be making the right decisions for the better of Shea.

They unanimously agreed that Alda, the oldest Shean will take on the role of the Chieftain. After all, he is the one who has seen the most in the world and has spent the second half of his life reading up and gathering knowledge. His role is to delegate responsibilities for each of the Sheans to ensure that the world could continue functioning properly, and also, to mete out necessary punishments to Sheans who fails to carry out their own roles. Due to his age and slightly frailer body, he is assigned with two henchmen to help him with the physical needs of his role.

The Henchmen’s role is to patrol around the world and to make sure that everyone is doing their respective jobs. They are also required to act as the hands and legs of Alda, to gather the Sheans or the intellectual committee when required or to help Alda pass on messages. Klaus is one of the henchmen selected as he is one of those who were called to for the meeting. He has a decent level of intellect and is also fit enough to be able to carry out the necessary jobs of a henchman. The second henchman’s selection is put on hold. They decided that he has to be someone of much higher physical capability in order to instil a sufficient amount of fear for the more rebellious Sheans to obey commands.

Hence, with the start of this system in the hope that it is better for Shea, we shall see how things turn out in the near future..

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