Lore 4 | All about Riah

Function of the architecture in Shea

The only form of architecture around Shea are the Riahs. It is the most basic and the only form of structure that is present in Shea. No one actually knows what they are made up of and why they emerge from the craters on the ground but they serve several important purposes for the Sheans. It allows Sheans to collect nitrogen from the air at higher altitudes, provides them with space and shelter which allows them to rest and reside in and functions as support for the Sheans to hold on to when the daily flood comes.

Physical outlook of the Riahs

There are no two Riahs that are of the same length and they are always thickest at the bottom and tapers as it reaches towards the top. Riahs are constantly growing upwards and there are always new ones that are emerging from the ground. They are all clustered relatively close together and sometimes, when the wind blows, the Riahs will sway and its tips will brush against each other.

Riahs that just start to grow out from the ground are usually much thinner and greyish-white in colour, while those which are more mature, are thicker and jet black. Sheans always wait for the Riahs to be of a certain thickness before converting them into shelters for their purposes. Firstly, because it gives them more internal space but more importantly cause when they reach a certain thickness, their growth will be impeded and they stop growing upwards as quickly as before. Saving them the effort to have to scale high up to get to their homes.

There was one exception to the colour of the Riahs though. The one which got uprooted and flew off along with the Shean actually turned into a fully white opaque one. It was the first time any Shean witnessed such an occurrence but no one actually thought it was a matter to be concerned with as the Sheans’ knowledge about the Riahs is relatively limited and they thought that it was a natural occurrence for it to eventually become white. Never did they expect it to uproot soon after it turned white.

The group of intellects whom gathered are now starting to do in-depth study on the nature of Riahs and if there is a direct co-relation between the colour of the Riah and the possibility of it detaching. Hoping to find a solution to their situation.

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