Lore 5 | Shea’s Law Lore lor

The committee initially hoped that the situation where Sheans stopped fulfilling their duties will get better with time when people learn how to deal with their grief, but with the rippling effect of the negativity, more and more Sheans started to skive on their duties. Even some of the Sheans were not affected by the tragedy started to skive on their duties because they were bitter that they had to be doing more work. The group of intellects foresee that if this situation continues, Shea will fall apart within a month when all reserves run out or when everyone just gives up on life.

They decided that they needed a course action that will bring about the most immediate impact that will revert everything back to normal. Persuasion was first attempted but it was not really effective as the Sheans tend to just ignore it. One of the intellects suggested providing counselling to those who are affected but that will take too long and they did not have the luxury of time. As their final resort, they had to implement law and order to bring back the stability they used to enjoy. Although this will be at the expense of the Sheans and it will require violence which was never encouraged in the peaceful Shea, the intellects felt that this was a situation that requires such drastic measure.



The one and only law Sheans have to abide to is that they fulfil all the required tasks assigned to them by Alda. These tasks will be equally and fairly distributed to each of them and this will ensure the survivability of their species and the sustainability of their world. If they fail to comply to what is asked of them, they will be brought to Alda by his henchmen for Alda to be trialled and to decide what course of action or punishment is to be meted out. They will be asked to do extra work under the supervision of the law enforcers throughout a period of time.

If they resist or fail to comply with what is asked of them, they will be subjected to caning, torture and for worst case scenario, a death penalty. Nobody is to be threatening the existence of the entire world with their stupidity and if they do, they should cease to exist and not take up the resources painstakingly gathered by those who contributes.


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