Lore 6 | Thanking the Gods

Although in abundance, Sheans never took the Riahs for granted. Riahs served many purposes and Sheans can never survive without them. Hence, every first day of the month is dedicated to celebrate the existence of the Riah and for Sheans to be thankful for it. They believe that it is a gift bestowed upon them by the Gods.

Prior to the days of celebration, Sheans will gather lots of fresh and salty water. When the first day of every month arrives, all of the Sheans will be excused from their duties and will be living on the resources accumulated beforehand. They will dedicate the entire day roaming around and cleaning whatever dusts that has accumulated on or around the Riahs. Sometimes, there will be huge pieces of dried land that forms around the Riahs and threaten the growth of the Riahs by suffocating them. The Sheans will then gather and work together to get rid of it in order for the Riah to continue growing healthily.

Through experience, they also found out that by jumping on the soft ground around the Riahs, Riahs tend to grow thicker and taller. Therefore, heavier Sheans are tasked to jump around the Riahs to facilitate their growths while the rest clean the Riahs up. And by the end of the day, the weary Sheans will feast on whatever is accumulated while hanging on the highest point on a Riah they can ascend. This is their sign of respect and thanks to God for the Riahs that are given to them.

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