Lore 7 | Entertainment

Sheans who were always contented with their lives, did not have many entertainment as they see no need for it. Hence, since the beginning of time, the only source of entertainment they had is a traditional mass dance session held every first day of the month when they are celebrating the existence of Riahs. Some of the Sheans will make music out of their hands and mouths while others will create music using sounds drums made out of large pieces of land they gathered while cleaning up. All these while everyone else sings along to the traditional song and dance to the rhythm of it. It is a day of hard work and celebration and the Sheans spares no effort into making it a memorable day every single month. It is one of the few times when everyone will gather around and mingle together anyway.

Other than that, they spend their free time either resting or helping the community by collecting more resources within their capabilities. However, as time passes by and with the younger generations growing up to be more intellectual, their expectations and wants in life started to manifest. Never in the past where the need to find a higher meaning in life came about so strongly. The younger Sheans began trying out new stuff and inventing. The first ever invention that came about from their desires in life was a device that allows the Sheans to glide from Riahs to Riahs. It is made up of dried land stretched and held in place on hardened cut up Riahs. By putting on this device on their backs, named glider, a Shean has the ability to glide from Riahs to Riahs effortlessly.

With this new invention, and with more and more Sheans experiencing and witnessing the Glider, they started to get really intrigued with the stuff that were actually possible despite their limited resources and that inspired more Sheans to start experimenting during their free time. This new found source of entertainment brought about by the sheer desire for more in their lives is actually starting to slowly change the world…

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