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Kitchenaid mixers
Kenwood mixers

Both of these semi-professional mixers sport similar curves and forms. The base connects seamlessly to the mixer attachments and come in a variety of bright colors. In comparison the Kitchenaid mixers have more knobs which in my opinion are rather fussy even though they are functional. As a avid home baker, I I find the placement of the speed switch cumbersome and unnatural. However it does achieve a rather lovely look and I appreciate the aesthetics. Both of these mixers were designed with the intention of occupying a permanent spot in the kitchen thus the color and strong character designed. It is also an interesting observation that the mixing bowls are made in different materials. The Kitchenaid has a metal bowl which is great for removing residual grease (butter) however the glass bowl allows users to observe the process and keep watch on the baking process. Both mixers have attachable extra accessories to perform more functions (Pasta/sausage maker, spiralizer, food processor etc.), this has been a trend in most higher end home mixers as it allows users to minimize the space required in their kitchen to store extra machines that aren’t used on a regular basis.

Trends I noticed
-Pastel colors for kitchenware products (Espresso machines, juicers, toasters, refrigerators etc.) with rounded, smooth edges.
-Large, protruding knobs
-Hair dryers that have additional parts to curl hair (multifunctional products)
-Washing machines that can take large loads
-Portable irons/ironing boards with combined steamer functions
-Multifunction ovens (conventional,fan and microwave all rolled into one)

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