Assignment 1: Self portrait

First in class assignment- drawing portraits

Research & ideation for assignment 1/

Left: @brookesmartillustration
I love the minimal use of outlines as well as the watercolor texture and the use of negative spaces.

Right: Mónica Andino

Color blocking, minimal use of outline/ outlines used to suggest depth.

Left: Julia Sarda for The Liszt

Right: Griz & Norm, Frida Khalo

Left: Kimberlie Wong
Right: Maria-Ines Gul 

Left: Karol Banach

Right: Matt Chase


For my compositions I wanted to showcase the juxtaposition between by two very different aesthetic styles- #SlowLiving vs. #MakeLifeaPARTY. I find myself drawn to minimalistic, clean lines and geometric shapes, but I too love loud patterns, crazy textures and of course iridescent glitter. I also wanted to feature my love for plants as well as my pet goldfishes.

 For the first composition the image is set in my mythical room, in an almost symmetrical manner. On the left is how I would image my own room when I am in a calm state, embracing a zen and minimal life. On the right is how my room would be without any restraint, a party hat for good measure.

I also wanted to try the application of textures in this composition. 

This composition is inspired by one of my favourite childhood nursery rhymes:
“If all the raindrops
were lemon drops and gum drops
Oh what a day that’ll be!”

It just brings that childlike wonder and imagination that I’d like to keep as part of my personality even as I grow up, seeking out everyday magic. That and my love of rainy weather. Bright sunny yellow and thunderstorm grey are my favourite colors.

In this diagonal composition I’ve kept the top part a little more realistic with plants and raindrops/gumdrops, and as it transitions down the backdrop looks almost like a wallpaper with raining cakes, sprinkles and biscuits (I love baking!)

After consultation with Lisa we decided to go with this composition, perhaps pushing the outfit to become really crazy at the bottom.

This composition is inspired by a playing card, depicting 2 scenes- land and underwater. I wanted to try something like a stamp overlay with this composition creating layers for the environment.


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