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Varoom – the illustration report, is a unique large format publication commenting and discussing the contemporary illustrated image in depth. It publishes interviews with illustrators, the ongoing issues, sparks critical conversations within the illustrators/artists/designers. It features the most impressive works biannually pushing forth great illustrators into the limelight.

I believe this magazine is suitable for illustrators, designers or just people who are interested in design/illustration. The articles cover quite a wide range of topics and issues and are personal and interesting.

Mitch Blunt
This digital illustration was done for an article on corruption in the church for Spectator Life. I found the illustrator’s use of symbols and semiotics very effective in expressing the message, as well as the use of simple geometric shapes and even outlines. It lends a certain seriousness and austerity to the image. The colors also helped to provide a stark contrast on what is going on inside the church.

The puppetry strings implies a certain manipulation of the cross which is often used to represent Christ. The stained glass background also sets the location where the situation unfolds. I found it a good method to frame the message as well.

Tommy Parker


This set of digital illustrations were done for an article on how to switch off on a vacation for Mr Porter. I really like the limited color scheme that ties the series of images together very nicely. I also liked the use of shadows to add depth, dimension and light into the images. However this were done for a digital article rather than for print. I’ll be interesting to see how these images would be used in a printed magazine.

Geraldine Sy


These two illustrations were done for very separate articles on love and solo travelling respectively. I liked how the illustrations spilled over across the spread, connecting the text.  I also appreciate the simple geometric shapes that creates the landscape and characters for the storytelling to take place. The textured finish also gives its a nice rustic charm.


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