Week 7: Sound and spaces

Sketches from last week’s presentation.

Moving forward, we decided that we will drop the water feature as it wouldn’t be something feasible in terms of maintainence.

This week we focused on:

  1. Looking for suitable materials that can absorb sound to some degree and would create the feeling of meditative silence we hope to achieve.
  2. Exploring a different method of recreating the shadows produced by sunlight reflected on water.
  3. Creating new forms that creates an abode/alcove/nook

Material exploration

  1. Bamboo rattan
    Good sound absorption qualities
    (Adjusting the thickness and density of the weave we can control the sound that gets through)
    Cooling properties
    ‘Zen’ feel
    Allows light and air through
    Sustainable building material
  2. Coconut husks
    Thermal insulation properties
    Sustainable material
    Natural fibers have been considered valid raw materials for producing sound absorbing panels at a reduced cost
  3. Wool

  4. Sound absorption foam
  5. Kavrat soft cells
    Sound absorbing textile
    Special technology used to strengthen and increase longevity

Shadow experiments

1. First we tried video projections of water into the space

2. Trying various moving translucent objects

This was done to see how light would be reflected and how the shadows would be cast in space.


Form Explorations

 softness of cotton with rattan

Currently we are exploring three options to replace the water feature
-To build it around an existing  water body
-To use projections
-To use shadows from the exterior facade

Q: How to make it look unobtrusive in the environment
^ our current consideration for form and material selection

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