As we discussed last week during consultation, we have combined the candy furniture with the patterned rubber mulch flooring to create a fun and vibrant space for public gatherings. Additionally, this space and furniture is thoughtfully and deliberately designed according to the proxemics matrics to enhance the comfort level of the users who gather here, alone or in groups.

We felt like the space still needed another element to enhance the mood and tried adding fairy lights.

We also thought about how we can redesign some of the furniture. Here are the variations we came up with

Also after consulting, we changed the rubber mulch flooring to colored concrete to create a more sophisticated, laid back atmosphere.

Doughnut chair
Indicative of intimate space. By entering through the narrow opening, the user creates a personal space within this shared area.

Squiggle bench 

An s-shaped bench that features a divider in the middle creating some degree of privacy for users who share the bench.

Macaroni Seats

These chairs are rotable on an axis to allow users to create private spaces for themselves or in pairs for conversations.

Party bench

Long benches for social gatherings/groups to convene and hang out together. These benches move along an rail to create longer benches accommodating larger groups.

Jellybean bench

Similarly this bench moves along a rail to accommodate larger groups in the space.

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