Moodboard & initial sketches

Theme: Nursery rhymes

Moodboard 1: Cute illustrations of nursery rhymes

Using colour pencils or oil pastels to create textures that resembles children’s drawings of familiar characters in nursery rhymes

initial thumbnail sketches

digitally enhanced color pencil sketches


Illustration two ways

  1. traditionally render with colour pencils
  2. digitally on illustratorFor the digital illustrations, I was trying to go for a simplified style, resembling a scrapbook aesthetics.

Moodboard 2: Abstract papercuts 

Using shapes and composition to translate the vibrant, rhythmic, whimsical nursery rhymes

In the end I went with this moodboard.


Illustration for designers-what a sem!!!

It has been so much fun!!! I’ve learnt to be so much more on how to create illustrations digitally, admittedly so much more to experiment and learn but it has been a 13 weeks picking up new adobe skills. It has been a joy to be able to learn from some of the most talented people, seriously my mind is blown every critique session. Also, a big thank you to you Lisa for making this experience so wonderful! I have never once felt dread coming to school on a Monday for class and it has truly been so enjoyable listening to you teach animatedly:-)  Every assignment has been equal parts challenging and satisfying.  Other than the technical aspects, I’ve learnt to appreciate the function and beauty of mood boards, especially when I’m so easily swayed! Also the importance of knowing the target audience you’re designing for. Hopefully I’ll be able to go beyond designing for audiences I’m comfortable with and expand my body of illustrative works in time to come.

Applied illustrations: final mock ups

Here are my final mockups!

1. Dual cup holder

‘One for you, One for a friend.’ The idea behind this is a one-for one concept promotion happening through the opening week to get word out

On the inside is a pattern created from the food illustrations

2. Free topping flyer

These are for the yogurt parfaits that the shop intends to sell

3. Pull up standee

Before critique:

After critique:

4. Instagram countdown posts


As we discussed last week during consultation, we have combined the candy furniture with the patterned rubber mulch flooring to create a fun and vibrant space for public gatherings. Additionally, this space and furniture is thoughtfully and deliberately designed according to the proxemics matrics to enhance the comfort level of the users who gather here, alone or in groups.

We felt like the space still needed another element to enhance the mood and tried adding fairy lights.

We also thought about how we can redesign some of the furniture. Here are the variations we came up with

Also after consulting, we changed the rubber mulch flooring to colored concrete to create a more sophisticated, laid back atmosphere.

Doughnut chair
Indicative of intimate space. By entering through the narrow opening, the user creates a personal space within this shared area.

Squiggle bench 

An s-shaped bench that features a divider in the middle creating some degree of privacy for users who share the bench.

Macaroni Seats

These chairs are rotable on an axis to allow users to create private spaces for themselves or in pairs for conversations.

Party bench

Long benches for social gatherings/groups to convene and hang out together. These benches move along an rail to create longer benches accommodating larger groups.

Jellybean bench

Similarly this bench moves along a rail to accommodate larger groups in the space.