Project Update 4

Completion of the dress, back organza layer done

Sewing the LED light into the skirt, via stitchingIMG_5195



Close up of Arduino LilypadIMG_5204

Testing the effect when lit up





I had to combine solo with Tiffany create a cohesive piece, which initially I could not see the concept of virtual touch in our performance. However, when Angeline came in to do the dance with us but in her own way, I could see the telematic connection and that was very interesting.

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  1. Excellent! Great photographic documentation. Would like to see you thinking about and expressing your thoughts and how the costume/wearables tie into your movement, character and the overall performance. Of course you can elaborate on that in the final hyperessay, but the goal of the project is understand how all the elements weave together into the performance. But this is extremely valuable documentation that you can turn to when analyzing how your developed your work.

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