Interactive Narratives: Sharing

Detroit Become Human is an upcoming PS4 game published by┬áSony Interactive Entertainment. This is an classic example of explicit interactivity, where the player’s choices directly affect the outcome of the plot and the characters’ fate. This can be seen from the trailer below, where they show the major plot point of the story and how it branches into many different plot lines.


What I found interesting was the many choices and mechanics behind the conversation, and hopefully I can bring this into my project as well. Each choice created have a rationale become it and this teaches the player the need to be tactful in communication. If you pick a certain choice of conversation – Why would the character listen to you? Or why would they be triggered emotionally? How do you tap on their emotions? In real life, the different things you say also affect others (probably not as drastic as this situation) and this is what I like to emphasise on.



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