This story is interesting in its parallel narratives and the lack of linearity – the idea whereby your different choices with generating differing consequences. It was indeed very confusing at times because you would have to refer back to where you previously was at, but that is the essence of parallel universe. This structure is definitely very common in games as well, where choices matter into the outcome. However, we can see the Tsun still shoots Albert and it is not an ending that can be altered based on the different outcomes. This is once again also rather common in games where branching narrative converge all into a point – no matter how hard you try to change your outcome sometimes it is still fixed. I think this is the most intriguing aspect of this narrative – how different paths end the same anyway.

This text is an illustration of time, whereby it diverges and it converges, the debate whether it is uniform or absolute – a complex system. This is an interesting theory in which I saw in the game Bioshock Infinite – the world centred around the concept of time travel and parallel universes, yet at times all parallel universes will converge in a point of time in a major decision (e.g. whether Booker becomes a protagonist or antagonist in the context of the game).

This text was certainly intriguing and I am interested to see how to further develop this in my narratives and projects.

Following a heavy production and filming schedule, we decided to simplify the plot to something more relatable and doable.

We’ve minimized the casting in the storyline but still holding main content of the plot.

However, we’ll still be shooting scenes of the character’s environments namely Home, School & Studio.

Updated plot

A new location of dance studio is added as the updated plot follows a student dancer in her everyday life. She seems popular and things look good on the surface. However, a darker side unfolds as the player navigates along.

We have started the filming and will be shooting as well as editing concurrently.

Premises: Home, School, Dance Studio

Additional POV

We have also incorporated a bonus play for users – to play in the point of view of her friend. The purpose behind this is to trigger some thoughts on what a player could have done to help their friend in retrospect.

Behind the scenes footage

Random weirdness (whenever Siew Hua secretly laughs at us)

We had to create a photobooth in Max whereby the user’s face needs to be positioned in the middle of the webcam – using instructions like move left/move right/move up/move down. It was an interesting exercise as when I had my friends to try this thing being created, they had amusing reactions. It was great that they had fun (and confused)!

Initial testing of the interface using sample sounds

When the face is center, all sounds will stop playing in which we know it is fit to take a photo.

More finalized when all the parameters has been set up


Difficulties faced doing this assignment would definitely be gauging the position of the center, its parameters (how much has the face moved before an instruction has to come in). Currently, I was gauging the center by my human eye which was bound to have parallax error, in which a calculation would be a smoother method. Also, the distance of the face relatively to the webcam was not heavily accounted for as well.

Also, the sound would not sound as smooth in its repeat, setting up a better delaly would be good. These are areas I would strive to improve on.