Project 2: Para-Pong


Pong using Gyro+Accelarator Sensor (MPU6050), Gyro Sensor



In this game, there will be 2 players in each round (1 V 1). Each player will wear a belt that contains a gyro sensor, and will hold a remote that contains Gyro+Accelerator Sensor.

The belt will detect the player’s rotation aka spinning, in which it translates to the up/down movement of the paddle. At the same time, the paddle’s tilt position is randomized. Thus, the player have to use the physical remote to counter-balance the tilt position.

Storyboard of our ideation


  • Breakdown of the physical components

  • Example of how the player will look like
  • How the remote works – the tilt angle of the remote will be used to counter-balance the randomizing paddle tile position

  • How the belt works – as the player spins it moves up/down e.g. turning clockwise causes the paddle to move up, turning anti-clockwise causes the paddle to move down

  • Demo of the game – A projector screen, and the 2 players. Game restarts after a player wins 5 points.

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