Device of the Week 3: Atomic Bands

Atomic Bands is the first kinetic gaming wearables that uses dual motion sensor bands and Bluetooth. Users are not constrained by space, they have complete freedom of movement as there is no need to be within the perimeters of a room or camera. A step further from typical fitness band trackers in the market, as it analyzes correct form and movement quality – it can be used to teach dance and kungfu even.

Atomic bands design

These devices bring gaming to a whole new level as it merges fitness and play, and it is highly physical. Moreover, it can be highly educational in allowing players to pick up skills like dance or kungfu. Let’s say the player is interested to learn dance. Wearing these bands on the arms or ankles, the user can operate this alongside with an motion sensor app Funky Dance. The app will touch on the basics of street dance for example shuffling, popping – syncing basic movement with rhythm. The app features world-class dancers like Jardy Santiago. The player just needs to follow the screen and the bands are able to track the movement, providing feedback if the movement is correct. Feedback comes in the form of haptic feedback, LED lights and OLED display.

Advanced motion tracking

Moreover, this provides a platform for movement artists to create art through their movement. This product is also integrated with generative art platform and thus dancers can “paint canvases” digitally through their movement.


  • Breaks boundaries of Augmented reality / VR gaming, all axis is covered through this band
  • Fitness-based gaming – This is very good in a sedentary society we live in today, as it promotes play through fitness
  • Learning of skills – Being a dancer myself, I find it interesting and great that we can learn through digital means an at the same time gain feedback even if learning by oneself


  • Still limited as to how accurately and how much this device can teach a user skills like dance/kungfu


There are definitely many ways this device can develop into. It definitely brings something new to the fitness wearable market, as it measures quality of movement plus it functions as a gaming device. Games can start to explore this field of wearables and thus providing an even more immersive VR gaming experience.

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