Device of the Week 4: Ultra

Violet Plus by Ultra: UV Ray and Vitamin D Tracker

A wearable device (clip-on) that tracks an individual’s sun exposure, monitoring both exposure/overexposure to sun’s harmful rays and also monitoring vitamin D levels. It works in conjunction with app that not just reflects the information, but also allow uses to select their skin type. Henceforth, sun damage alerts/sunscreen reminders will be personalized to wearer.┬áIt will let you know if you need to top up, a distinct advantage if you’re prone to vitamin D deficiencies.

In conjunction with the app


The device is a miniature clip-on, thus it is immensely portable and convenient

It can also be used without the app – the device will light up to indicate how long more the user has before being sun burnt, plus it uses vibrations to remind the users to apply sunscreen when the time is up.

How it works


  • Very lightweight and convenient
  • Seamlessly integrated to app
  • Differentiate from other UV trackers – with added vitamin D tracker
  • Future of beauty wearables


  • Accuracy of the device not as proven


  • Fitness activity trackers/Smart watches can incorporate this technology, as wearers who exercise outdoors might want to be aware of their sun exposure
  • Ultra might want to look into other functions so that it is not so specific to UV – e.g. anti-pollution detector

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