Smart Workstation 

Refresher on what our project is about- Adding on to the voice-operated drink holder, we decided to expand in terms of our devices, to create an entire smart workstation. We thought that a voice-operated light would be helpful in a smart workstation and thus we created/completed the LED Light.


  • Completion of mini-arm and the code
  • Completion of LED light
  • Steps next to final: Assemble to proper sized drink holder and assemble the lamp

Mini-arm (Servo Prototype)

  • Currently the code works, it responds to commands but it is a little robotic
  • Thus we are going to modify the code to make it more human-like and cheeky

LED Light

  • We are done with the coding of the LED, it responds to voices well except when there are pronunciation errors
  • We just need to assemble it into the lamp and we will be completed with this




Beyond Seen is an interactive point-of-view film that aims to show the perspective of an individual that suffers from depression, purposed to raise awareness on this relevant yet commonly overlooked health issue. Inspired by true events, the story is set on an everyday life of a student dancer (Faye) who suffers from this mental illness, amidst the facade she puts up as a well-liked and popular personality among her circle of friends.

Project by Gladys, Valerie Siew Hua