Particle Rhythm seeks to explore generation of music through movement using Kinect, Ableton Live and MAX MSP. All sounds were generated live and nothing was pre-recorded.

The visuals generated with the music

The installation involved 3 computers and 2 Kinects. We use a dark room to enhance the atmosphere of the installation.

The setup of the installation

Depending on the intensity of the movement generated by the user, the sound generated and warped also varied. We had a couple of dancer friends to try out the Kinect and the results generated were rather experimental and interesting.

My friend trying out the Kinect

Ableton Live


One of the major challenges definitely was the computer power which mostly could not keep up with the layers in MAX MSP, and thus the visuals were not as pleasing. Also, the sounds generated through mapping are rather raw and at times inaccurate due to the mapping of coordinates. The mapping of coordinates will definitely be something to overcome.

Overall, we have learnt quite a lot about MAX MSP and Ableton Live through this final project, and we would definitely want to take this further in the artistic level. In the future as we develop this, we would like to experiment with concept and music – maybe even pure soundscapes and no EDM track. Perhaps there could even be a thematic focus – e.g. nature.

Continuation of dress-making

So far I had the shape of the dress along with the mesh and collar. The next steps were to add decorations to enhance the design of the dress.

Boiling of extra organza, there was insufficient


To achieve an ombre effect on the skirt, I used this spray paint


After spray painting the dress


Starting to sew the organza under layer IMG_4800 IMG_4802


Finished the organza under-layer for the front of the skirtIMG_4805


Movement session with Angeline

I consulted Angeline and she took the moves I was doing subconsciously, spurring me to develop them into intentional dance moves. I thought that was interesting, a depart from the usual dance I do which follows a fixed choreography. She was more interested in the spontaneity and the subconscious moves, it felt more like abstract art.