A project by Gladys Loh, Valerie Lay and Tan Siew Hua – Using gyroscope sensors on the Phone to control the paddles of the Pong game, resulting in an active yet comedic game

Documentation (video)

Here’s a video of our friends playing this game in the most unconventional means.

The game at work, – Processing and Max Patcher

For process, see previous post.

Future DevelopmentĀ 

  • There were some difficulties in mapping the coordinates and at times there would be a wrap-round thus it is more tough for the players. Also, every 30 seconds the mode would change but it seemed more like a lag.
  • Tutorial mode – At start of the game to inform the players which axis involves what movement
  • More developed change mode system – We implemented a change mode system but it was rather rough, in a more developed version the mode will be spelled out for the players to know and more obvious
  • Various challenges – Instructions for players to put at different parts of the body e.g. head for a special round

A project by Gladys Loh, Valerie Lay and Tan Siew Hua – Using pressure sensors and LED to create a prototype of an immersive Laser Tag meets Paintball game.

Documentation (Video)

Process – How it works

Players will be in a dark room, with multiple obstacles. Their jackets will have points being lit with LED, in which these are the areas that other players need to shoot in order to score. Pressure sensors be hidden underneath these points, recording into the system. The LED strips are a reflection of the health of the player.

A sketch of how the system works

The inner linings of the Jacket with pressure sensors

Our MAX Patcher

Future development

There were areas that this prototype did not touch on, but we did discuss.

  • Multi-player – When there are multiple players, different LED colors will represent different players (Red, Green, Blue etc).
  • Score System – Reflected on the LED strip, 1 LED rep 10 points. Eg. Hitting a crucial area (100 points) will result in deduction of 10 lighted up LEDs, whereas a minor area (50 points) will result in deduction of 5 lighted up LEDs
  • Perks System – Areas of the room should be lit up with Pressure Sensor and LED, in which will serve as perks to the player. For example, there could be a pressure sensor whereby the longer you press, you gain back health. However, it becomes louder as you press thus your location will be made known to other players