3D-(Assignment 3) “Plane with Points to Lines”



Week 1 is more of me familiarizing with the thread and how to handle the thread with the plane. How to get it’s tension and how to interact the colors. Nothing much but more of playing around to see what effect I got. So i mainly tried with straights like and interacting them.


In week 2 of our assignment I was experimenting with the plane. Usually to get more complicated design. We would all end up getting a “C” shape out of the plane. So I wanted to try bending the planes in different direction and having the thread in both direction display a totally different thread style.

(Left) – the thread comes from different individual short line and ending up with different direction

(Right) – the thread comes from an individual long curve and ending with the another long curve.

However, Peter gave a suggestion that probably the design in the left side shows more dynamic, more things going on compared to the design on the right side. And told me that probably I could go back and experiment with more design.


And so I went back and experiment with different types of plane bending designs and various type of starting point. E.g Straight Lines, Geometric Shapes, Curve Lines, S Lines or Zig-Zag Lines.



After experimenting the most annoying thing is getting the tension of the thread, I believe this is the common problem within the class. After pulling one side, the other side loose, or the thread get tangled together.

But after experimenting, I was thinking why not I try creating density and exploring direction out of simple staring line? and is there a viewing perspective that I could see the interaction of these lines?


I drew simple lines on my A3 plastic sheet that look like this: and started connecting the thread from opposite direction going vertically and horizontally. Adjusting the distance between each thread line to create different density.





And also I decided to bend the plane in this cylindrical way so that if we view from one corner in, we could see the interaction between these lines and the interaction of the colors.

Comments I’ve receive:

The Blue horizontally line across seems a bit out of the way, seems weird and doesn’t match with the rest of the thread lines:(

But still, THANK YOU!!!:)


2D-(Assignment 1) My Line Is Emo- (End) Chinese Ghost Festival (3)




From my tittle you’ll be able to know that my concept is the Chinese Ghost Festival. The six emotions, Love, Fear, Surprise, Joy, Anger and Sadness is subdivided into:


The main idea of this concept is “外面看里面,里面看外面” Outside (us humans see Ghost Festival) vs Inside( Ghost see Ghost Festival. I choose this layout because I want to create two side, one side represent Humans Emotions and one side represent Ghost Emotions. However, the bottom six rows is a mixture of Anger and Sadness because i felt that us human as well the the ghost both contain these common emotions towards the Chinese Ghost Festival. Even though I may not exactly know how the Ghost feel about this festival. But i make uses of traditional believe (Ghost one month holiday where they could eat, take money and have fun) and story behind the Ghost festival to allocate the emotions.


Since I’ve uses mainly Chinese ink and White acrylic ink. I decided to play with the paper medium and I’ve realize different paper medium gives a total different effect even with the same technique.

  • Newsprint
  • White Copy Paper
  • Black Paper
  • Paper Money (Kim Zhua)
  • Tracing Paper


Love: Longing, Respect, Devoted

Fear: Panic, Uneasiness, Tenseness


Love: Longing

This strip represent longing. The reason why I choose this mark as longing is because Ghost festival happens annually for a month and one of the day Chinese family would pray to their ancestor. And i felt longing represent one of the feeling human have, the thick to thin mark symbolizes that during this day the miss feeling we have to our ancestor e.g grandparents would get stronger and slowly fade away until next year the feeling of miss would get stronger again when the date gets nearer.

Medium use: Rambutan stem draw lines on newsprint


Love: Respect

Ghost Festival is a traditional occasion, now most people doesn’t continue this tradition and I felt people who continue this tradition is because of the respect they have towards this traditional festival. The mark on the strip symbolizes the lost of people respecting such tradition, from left to right the mark starts to disappear bit by bit.

Medium use: Mu Er draw lines on black paper with white ink

DevotedLove: Devoted 

Devoted represent how faithful people is towards this tradition. despite being a modern world now, every year during this month the same routine would definitely happen again. Hence, the marks symbolizes people praying for the same reason/direction.  How people look up to this festival.

Medium use: Joss Sticks dip in chinese ink hold and push towards the same direction on newsprint


Fear: Panic

During this month humans get panic over it because of the fear we have towards this festival as traditional believe that during this month ghost are being let out to have fun, eat and get money from the human world. The marks represent the panic emotion humans have, the messy and irritated lines represent the thought in human brain.

Medium use: Facai dabbing on white copy paper


Fear: Uneasiness

 During this month when we walk alone at night or even in a quiet place we would definitely feel uneasy. Feeling eerie and uncomfortable. Hence this marks represent the emotion, the up and down stroke and uneven mark left because of the chinese ink and kim zhua texture reflects the up and down emotion we have.

Mudium: Joss Sticks dip chinese ink Up and down on Kim Zhua


Fear: Tenseness

 Similar to Uneasiness, we felt tense up during this month. when a plastic bag is stretch  the stretch marks it reminds me of the emotion tense. The mark on the strip represent the emotion tense just like the tightness we have when we tense up.

Medium use: Joss Sticks roll on black paper


Surprise: Amazement, Startle, Incredulity

Joy: Satisfaction, Excitement, Contentment


Surprise: Amazement

With traditional believe when ghost are let out they would feel amazement when they see the prayer table us human have prepared for them, the ” WAH! ” feeling. Hence, this mark is make up many small dots and it creates a blur vision and a sense of surprise, i felt that this results shows the feeling of amazement and the uneven black tone adds on to the surprise feeling.

Medium use: Apply chinese ink on paper money, flip it and stamp it on white paper


Surprise: Startle

 Startle refers to the shock the ghost felt when some of them see the prayer table, some table are filled with amazing prayers good whereas some had nothing. In design principal we learn that the tone and value can differentiate different meaning in this design, the different black tone shows the little jerks of shock emotions the ghost feels.

Medium use: Joss sticks roll on tracing paper

IncredulitySurprise: Incredulity

Incredulity means the disbelief ghost have when they come out and realizes no one or family member there to pray them. When we are in shock of disbelief our mind tends to be in a messed, so this strips represent the messed thought they have in their mind.

Medium use: Dao Gi dabbing on Kim Zhua


Joy: Satisfaction

This strip represent satisfaction. Traditional believe that the throat of the ghost are being narrow when they are in hell, during the ghost festival gods would open up the throat of these ghost for them to eat and hence, they would feel satisfied whenever they filled themselves with food during this month.

Medium use: Joss sticks draw in circular motion on black paper


Joy: Excitement

This strip it’s pretty direct show of the emotion. When i try out this medium with the whacking technique the mark straight away reflects the emotion of excitement. Just like us humans when we are let out to party we would definitely feel excited and this apply to the ghost as well.

Medium use: Facai whacking on black paper


Joy: Contentment

When the ghost receive money, they would definitely feel contented. I have no idea how they spend but just like us humans we also feel contented. If you look closer the mark looks like little human jumping silhouette and that to me feels like contentment.

Medium use: Longan Stem dotting on white paper

Common Emotions 

Anger: Hate, Jealousy, Vengeful

Sadness: Grief, Suffering, Loneliness


Anger: Hate

Using the principal of design the color can reflects warm and cold tone. The same technique is use to create the strip hate and suffering, however creating it on different medium can gives a different emotion. The white paper reflects a cold feeling whereby it shows the hate humans felts toward this festival, some people feel it’s polluting the air by burning incense paper, and l creates litter to our environment. and ghost would hate because of the lingering feeling they have towards the human world.

Medium use: Candle Wax portion dip in chinese ink and roll on white paper

GriefSadness: Grief

The splatter effect on the tracing paper created the emotion grief. Humans belief that in these ghost there is their family members. and hence during this month they would feel sad and grief. Ghost also feel this way because once they were humans and they would also missed their family. I uses chinese ink on tracing paper because the diluted watery chinese ink would created a glossy effect on tracing when dry. Hence, it kind of symbolizes the tears of humans

Medium use: Longan stem dip in ink and flick the longan stem with fingers.


Sadness: Suffering

The same technique is use for this strip and the hate strip however when creating it on kim Zhua, it red tone gives a more warm feeling just like suffering it felt more bloody and harsh compare to white paper. Humans and ghost both suffers during this month, humans felt the environment being polluted and ghost felt suffering when they misses the human world.

Medium use: Candle Wax portion dip in chinese ink and roll on Kim Zhua


Sadness: Loneliness

When experimenting around i suddenly remember the principal of design when many dots are close together instead of looking them individually you look at them in groups. Just like loneliness, they seems like there is alot of them and people around you but actually your alone. Just like ghost do feel lonely even though they are all in groups because their family members are in human world. and human feel lonely because their love one may have pass on and they are left behind.

Medium use: Candle tip dip in chinese ink and dot on Kim Zhua


Anger: Jealousy

Ghost would feel jealous because they are once humans and so this strip with the skinny lines would represent the jealousy thought slowly eating up their mind

Medium use: Joss Sticks red part zig zag motion on black paper.


Anger: Vengeful

The messy lines shows the emotion vengeful the ghost have. It it messed up, complicated, dark and mystery. Very harsh in tone and mind would be lost in thought. Just like some ghost would have vengeance on the human world.

Medium use: Facai circular motion on newsprint

Our Critic Day:

IMG_1824 IMG_1829


p.s someone ask me to burn for him/her. Who ar?



Behind The Scene



Tips: Change your blade before cutting them! It would save your life!!!!!!!!!!!!

2D-(Assignment 1) My Line Is Emo- My “Emo” Journey (2)

Week 1-3

One week ago, before Joy gave us the brief on our project 1. It was the annual Ghost festival, every year during this month I would accompany my family to this nearby coffee shop for a massive gathering prayer with my dads longtime friend.

And the following week after Joy brief us on our assignment, I was like “eh! Why not?” and so i went back home, look through the photos I took and did some research on the ritual and things used during prayer.13892190_1042371339172457_4831935631975631657_nSlide1


Also I remember Joy showing us some of our senior work, one did her final work with tree twig, and another one did his work with fish bone. So, after brainstorming, I though “why not i create my work out of material used during the Chinese ghost festival prayers?” It’s kind of creepy I know and I don’t know if i would offend “them”. But oh well, if i didn’t steal from the one used to pray but I buy it for the project, I guess it is just a type of paper medium:)

So, I gather some materials and try it out.








After trying out, I was pretty stuck here because I thought that the strips could only consist of design make up from lines. But after week 3 individual consultation with Joy, I realize what I did previously was wrong. The line represent the strips itself and not the design in it. I also discuss my concept of using prayer material as my medium and she gave me wonderful suggestion whereby i could think about the rituals, e.g praying, splashing alcohol. to create my design.

I try with mediums like :

  • Joss Sticks
  • Tea
  • Candle
  • Rice
  • Salt
  • Paper Money
  • Chinese Ink
  • Paper Coin
  • Dried Vegetation e.g Dao Gi, Facai, Tang Hoon, Mu Er
  • Longan Stem
  • Rambutan Stem

Since I’ve decided to use mainly Chinese Ink and White acrylic ink. I decided to play around with the paper medium and I’ve realize different paper medium fives a total different effect even with the same technique.

  • Newsprint
  • Paper Money (Kim Zhua)
  • White Copy Paper
  • Tracing Paper
  • Black Paper


Back, I tried with Joss sticks. Now without the restriction of creating only lines, I finally realized how fun this project is. I have so much fun creating so many different mark making design with just only joss sticks.


Week 4

Week 4 marks the end of the Lunar Ghost Festival, as well as the week for group consultation.


I guess I was having too much fun playing with the praying material and creating different marks before the group consultation, but totally forget that the main aim of this project was to create strips that represent the emotions Love, Fear, Sadness, Surprise, Joy and Anger.

After looking at the marks created I could link them to my emotions. But now that i have decided the strips for the emotions, Problem come. How am i suppose to link my emotions to my concept. Yes I could say that this strip represent this, this strip represent that, but what does it have to do with my concept.

But my wonderful classmate gave me very very very helpful idea during group consultation. They say that I could I use the theme “外面看里面, 里面看外面”, which means how the outside (us humans) see the festival and how the inside (Ghost) see the festival. And I thought this is a wonderful idea!! And i’m so thankful for!:)

Now that I have my concept and Marks ready, it’s time to purchase some papers and construct my final work!!!

2D-(Assignment 1) My Line Is Emo- Mono Printing (1)

To me ( My Line Is Emo) is really an interesting project, not only that I’ve learn new technique, recognized more artist but most importantly I felt like I manage to widen my creativity. I used to be a person that narrows my creativity, not thinking out of the box and always end up stuck in the process of my work. Anyway, photo tells a thousand words so I’m not gonna say much.

Week 2

Week 2 I learn a new technique called mono print, my very first post on oss was about me not knowing anything about mono printing and mark making, now I know!



Step 1: Roll ink onto mat

Step 2: Place Items on mat( I uses cling wrap in the photo)

IMG_1080 IMG_1075


Step 3: Use a Mono printing machine roll over/ Use a Roller to roll over/ Press it with a flat tool


We also had a discussion with half of our classmates on the reference artist for this project:) We shared different opinion we have on the artist artwork, style as well as our favorite artists. It was a really helpful activity, even though we research on the same group of artist but eveyone have a different opinion of different artist’s artwork.

For me I choose Andy Warhol because honestly, I can’t get the pee artwork our of my mind HAHA! It was impressive, but errrr………….well, “non-environmental friendly”

P.s I really love the little Cai Guo Qiang my classmate Vania drew on the paper!!!

IMG_1088IMG_1056Artist Research (Reference)

I actually spend quite a lot of time researching on each and every artist, because i don’t really know much artist previously other than Andy Warhol, Leonado Da Vinci or Picasso.

I realize these artist create art in a totally different style. Some creates art based on their family background, some because of political issues, crazy art style and some created art without a story because he doesn’t think there is a need to.

In general, just one week lesson and homework allows me to gain alot of knowledge that I didn’t have before. It was really enjoyable and definitely very helpful for project 1.