To be honest I was a little disappointed after my visit last week because nothing in Pasir Ris park actually caught my attention. On my way back to Boon Lay I was wondering why did I travel all the way to the east? In fact, why people travel all the way to east? For food? Visit? Airport? Chalet? for me I think I only visited east side twice a year. For chalet:)

During consultation, I was given the suggestion to fit characters (People that travel to the east) into Chinese legends story character. Example : 八仙过海 (Eight immortals cross the sea) or 西游记 (Journey to the west). Googling online I found out that Changi Prison was nearly. And also Hao Ran and Gerald told me that the army boys actually meet up at Pasir Ris interchange when they have to book in to tekong.

I decided to go with 西游记 (Journey to the west) since it is more well-known and create an infographic for west-sider! Actually for anybody that want to know what there is in the east and what to prepare when heading towards the east. A very localized infographic with familiar terms like:

” Pasir Ris Chalet ”
” Changi Chalet ”
” Orh, downtown east uh. “

I went on to look for some visual inspiration:

Then I spotted the Traditional Chinese Calendar at home. I’ve never ever taken time to read what is written on the chinese calendar and never understand why my dad love it so much:) But OMG! it actually contains ALOT of information and as Singapore there is no way you would not recognized this!

Adding on, I also look into the most common Chinese type font use throughout in Chinese related graphic works and Web:) You can check them out here:


As well as Singapore Singlish and good food in the East:)


And so I came out with: 东游记



Project 2 is gonna be a loooonggg project:) Honestly, I’m happy and also worried:( Happy because it is a new project, worry because if I didn’t do well on part 1 it might affect part 2:(

But anyway that aside, I got assign to PASIR RIS! Well actually not assign more of my “suay hands” pick. Why suay because I stay in Boon Lay. But this project is about EXPLORING so actually it’s ok!:) I believe it would be a great experience for me!:) 

Before I visit Pasir Ris, I did some research. First I ask my class mate Chia Te who lives in Pasir Ris if there is any interesting place I could go to because all I know is Downtown East and Wild Wild Wet. She answer ” PASIR RIS GOT NOTHING ONE SIA! “. ok, die liao lo.

Then I went google, type ” Explore Pasir Ris”, the first result I get was Pasir Ris park. Apparently there is alot of things to do in Pasir Ris Park. So, my main focus was to visit the park and also exploring the estate. 

When I reach Pasir Ris MRT, my friend and I have no idea how to go to Pasir Ris Park. So with google map, we got Pasir Ris Town Park. 


We didn’t know that we are heading towards the wrong park we thought Pasir Ris Town Park is Pasir Ris Park. Inside, there is a HUGE Pond? For fishing and prawning. There is also cafe, bars and kayak rental for people.


Well, it obvious we are on the wrong park. It is Impossible to have Maze, Mangrove Walk way Or even horse stable here. Finally….


Pasir Ris Park is really a very nice place for family to chill and Relax during the weekend:) It got really great view and fresh Air. Beside, there is alot of nature entertainment for kids to enjoy like the mangrove walkway, bird viewing tower, kayak, bycicle, horse stable, spice kitchen etc. It is also a really good place to exercise! 

Kids’ Playground

You would have to climb up this mini robe maze to reach the tip of the slide.

The first place that I saw when I reach the Park is the Kids’ Playground. It’s main attraction would be the red pyramid like rope maze for you to climb. The playground is really huge and not like the typical playground where you only have one main construction to play in the middle of the are. But this playground is split into alot of different section with many unique rides that you don’t really see in neighborhood playground. I wanted to slide down the long slide, then I realized in order to slide down, you would need to climb up the robe maze to reach the tip of the slide. Ok, Im too old for that, besides, I’ll probably stuck on the slide. 

Horse Stable

img_5511-minimg_5509-min img_5514-min
The horse stable it on a mini mountain like ground. And it is located pretty deep inside the park. Most probably if you want to visit the different area of the park a bike would be recommended:) It also have a walk way barrier that is most probably for the horse to guide them while visitor experience horse riding. And if we take a close look the barrier are actually made up of water bottle! SO RECYCLE! However, we were really disappointed because we didn’t have a chance to see any horse most probably because they are renovating. But instead, we saw CHICKEN! HAHAAHAHA!!!!!!

Bird Watching at the Bird Tower

The bird eye tower is located a little infront of the horse stable, but still quite a distance. You can climb up the tower for birds watching. But honestly, I saw more bird on the ground level than climbing up. Professional bird lover also place their camera on the ground level. But we do spot couples up there though, Valentines Day mah:)

Mangrove Swamp

At the both side below the bird tower is the entrance to the mangrove Swamp. It is a long wooden bridge like walk way for people to look down and explore things like crab. To be honest it’s pretty silence and a little creepy because when you’re walking inside you have no idea what is going on outside. All you can see are tress and plant. Also also prepare mosquito repellent:)

Maze Garden

I was a little reluctant to go in atfirst because it just looks like there is alot of insect inside of something is gonna crawl out in any moment. Haha, but If you are here with kids I don’t know if it’s a good idea to go inside. The plants barrier are pretty high so is not a simple bonding maze for family haha!


Based on my research, Pasir Ris to me is relatively a new estate. All the new project and facilities that the government have created for this town is all mostly to serve the purpose of family bonding unlike places like Ang Mo Kio, Redhill, Bedok, Bukit Timah. that have alot of history and the usually their main focus is to preserve. But I still believe there is a certain traditional features that you can find in every location of Singapore, and personally I really love the retro elements in HDB probably because I grew up with my grandma in Bukit Timah with alot of old auntie and uncle from their old kampong. Or maybe I am just searching for that warm I used to get from them. 

I went around the HDB trying to find these elements and I realized that is really really hard. In Bukit Timah you would see void deck full of ah gong and ah ma from your block gathering and chit chatting and it’s really really loud sometimes to the point noisy. But you would never feel alone or scare when you travel home, if you’re afraid of being home alone just stay at the void deck. But here in Pasir Ris, it is totally different, the void deck are so quiet and even if you see a family they are young couples. Not even little kids running around.

I manage to spot some traditional elements like the bycicle lock, new ones are two stroy high and some come with lock. Not all void deck have table tennis table for people to play and also the most iconic tiles table and stool. Or the hole in the pillars and also the metal tin dust pan. 

I feel I should probably visit the place where resident buys their groceries or kopitiam to further understand the life of resident there:)


Back home, I went to do more research and I find places like,

A very beautiful Public Library. It is a reopen library cater to the public and is design very modernly with many new technology. 

Then, I found a page about retro Playground in Singapore, I am very fond of retro and there isn’t much retro playground left in Singapore. So When I saw this I was extremely happy! But sadly I only found this on the internet after my visit so I didn’t have a chance to visit 🙁 

img_2953 kp1070073
On consultation day, Hao Ran also old me that Pasir Ris is a place for army boys to gather when they book in for Tekong, and there are many shops there cater for them!!:)

I didn’t know Changi Prison was near there, and there is a term call Changi Chalet?

On Pinterest I also link to places like:

The Pasir Ris Hotel, circa 1962-64.
This book showcase activities happening in Singapore Housing Development Board (HDB) estates – Macpherson & Pasir Ris HDB estates
Elephant @ Pasir Ris – Old Singapore Playground

Consultation helps me to set my direction more clearly. Now I needed to gather all the elements I need for the info-graphic:)