Illustration For Designer: Self-Portrait (Final)


I am really happy with the final outcome because I have never tried adding so many different elements onto a paper cut composition before and I’m really glad that I tried it:)

Hair: The reason why I uses Chinese paper cut is because I love my Chinese culture, the traditions, the arts, the festival:)

Face: the crochet face represent my character as a slow person. I’m frequently in daze and lost in situation. doing my work slowly but still manage to hand them up on time. But because I’m slow I often had to give up my time for other things

Eyebrows: I use flocking powder as the texture of my eyebrows because I draw my eyebrows. However, they are always uneven and not in proportions:) So I go around with uneven eyebrows no matter how hard I tried to learn the way of drawing eyebrows. But sometimes, I do have good Eyebrows day!:)

U shape Cheeks: My friends around me always say that I have fishball like cheeks round and red, So I thought well.. that’s my part of my unique features I suppose:) 

Small Lips: The reason why I drew my mouth in such a small size is not because I have a small mouth, but instead I think I have a big round face which make my mouth look small and tiny:)

Eyes: (I’m being really thick skin, but I am blessed with big eyes and long eyelashes which I think was my most pretty part of my face:) omg.. I feel like smacking myself.

Wide gap In my Fringe: I think this is a common problem around girls with bangs, we tend to have this wide open gap in between out fringe that slip them into two part! argh!

Earrings: I have this pair of tassel earrings that I’ve been wearing frequently, and also to show that I love loonngg Earrings:):)

Shirts in two colours: The reason why in my composition I have a shirt with two colours and the collar area the colour are opposite again. It is because I would like to show the idea that I have Identical shirts in numerous colours:) You would definitely find a duplicate shirt in another colour or a few more other colour in my wardrobe:) And also the pattern on my shirt can shows the idea of it being the same shirt in different colour:)

Gin Bottle design on my shirt: This is a little fun fact about my name:) Not that I am an alcoholic who favors Gin but because Gin is my mother favorite spirit and that’s why she Incorporated Gin in my name “Ng Gi GIN Rachel” -.-“

Overall, I am really happy and had an really fun time crafting out a self portrait of myself. We have always been doing project with certain theme and topic but this time round I got to sit down infront of a mirror and jot down the various feature and character about myself. And trying paper cut using different medium was challenging but it help me learn something new that I never thought that I could manage:) Overall – HAPPY!


Illustration For Designer: Self-Portrait (Process)

So I chose different material to represent different traits of me. Materials I chose are yarn, flocking powder, Chinese paper cut, stamp gin bottle, colored paper.
So here are the process of my work:)

I started off by drafting out various drawing of my face in a quirky style.
Before finalizing my concept, I did a try out of the composition to be sure that the style and material would fit well together.
After the try out I relized that using cotton was not a really nice choice because the effect in not consistent and the it make the whole composition look cheap. As an alternative, my friend suggested that I could crochet. I think its a really good idea and i tried it out by pasting the the yarn onto the paper and add abit of make up blush onto the cheeks to bring out the soft and 3d effect.
Adding Blush!:)
Then i was searching for a way to incorporate the gin bottle from my name into the composition, so I thought, why not make them as the print of my shirt design, I believe by doing so it could also bring out the idea that it is the same shirt with different colour. I get the design out –> scan them –> print it out –> transfer to stamping rubber –> cut out the design and stamp onto my shirt:)
To recreate the tassel wearings who I wore, I make them out of DMC thread for stitching. As well as laying them over my composition to make sure it does not steal the attention away from the face despite it being an pop out item.
I first cut out the internal part of my face as well as my hair and I overlay the composition onto the Chinese paper cut and cut out the pattern/shape that fit into the white space of my hair.
After I’m done with my hair I proceed to crochet out my face, how I did is that I first have a white piece of paper as an measurement guide to tell me how long and how wide I have to crochet so that it would be enough to cover my face.
Before cutting out the crochet for the face, I went on to do the flocking powder for my uneven eyebrows. I first trace out the eyebrows shape and then proceed by applying glue onto the surface and then pouring the powder onto the glue and only the glued part would be stick on to form the shape of the eyebrows.
Back to the face. In order to make sure that my crochet face does not fray open after I cut them, I first stick them on to a piece of paper using spray mount. Then i tried cutting it with a xacto knife to the intended shape. BUT IT IS SOOO HARD!! Even though the knife was really really sharp, but because of the thickness and complicated shape. I had to use a scissor instead. and lastly, I trim and clean up the edges by spraying spray mount and stick them up. Out of the whole composition, I would say this was the hardest part.
I followed by adding strips of knitted yarn to filled up the “face” in between the hair, Cutting out the cheeks, eyes, mouth and nose and stick them onto the crochet face. And lastly adding the pinkish “cheeks” to finish up the whole composition:)


Illustration For Designer: Self-Portrait (Research)

PINTEREST!! first choice for research:) But before that, to give me a better direction I written down a list of words that best represent myself and who I am as a person. (p.s, you’ll have to be thick skin when writing:))

I am a very simple person, I love simple design simple decoration or sometimes as my mom would phrase it “boring” but I also have a quirky personality, liking weird, creepy, disgusting stuff and not afraid to share my “should be hidden embarrassed side of me” 🙂 

Having decided on the style of my illustration I began researching on the style and inspiration I would like go towards. Some inspiration I have below:)

Since this project is about presenting who I am, and I really like traditional medium. I choose to do paper-cut, and also incorporating and making-use of materials to represent the different personalities I have on my list. As materials have different texture, different “meaning” and different characteristic.


Product Design II: What, What, Why, What?

What is product design?

Product design are designs that solves and benefits people life.

What is product design? (re-wrote with everyone words)

Generating ideas to create products that fulfill its purpose of benefiting people life but not forgetting its aesthetics. 

What kind of designer do you see yourself?

I am in interested to be a designer in the medical industry, but at the current state I would like to learn as much as I could and explore different designs. 

Why do you want to be that designer?

It is really heartwarming seeing your medical product design benefiting and helping someone in need. No matter what designer you are, it is the most rewarding knowing that your work is being appreciated.

What do you think product designer do?

I think that product designer are people working “behind the scene”.

3D II-(Project 3-Final Project) – Zero Waste (Process & Final)

Our Final Project was to participate the CDL competition 2016, with the title “Towards A Zero Waste). We have to create a sculpture, placed on ground level and not taller than 2M. While brain storming, I was wondering what concept I could work into. Zero waste is a very general topic, very wide and also a concept that has been used by many artist. Therefore many sculpture had already been created with the idea of recycle, minimize plastic usage, categorization your waste. Looking through the website, I found these interesting images,

These are traditional craftsmanship like lantern weaving, ba zhang making, umbrella making, traditional rattan trap and rattan seeds. Looking at these images, it gave me an idea that these traditional craftsmanship are something that are precious and we should treasure them before extinct. And also because of the uprising factory mass production, these craftsmanship are slowly being rejected and remove. However, materials use in mass production like plastic, glass are actually creating more waste because they are none bio-degradable, instead using rattan basket for fishing than plastic pails are actually much more environment friendly. And if we don’t treasure these craftsmanship, one day because of the amount of waste created and we start searching for these craftsmanship we would be disappointed to find out that no one actually possess this useful crafts. 

After finalising my concept, I start searching for design inspiration, I want to create something that could represent industrail factory retricting the traditional crafts and also using patterns like lantern weaving, rattan seeds etc,

So I created:

It is a upright sculpture with wood carve in patterns of industrial representative like spur gears, pipes, nuts and bolts. Surrounding and restricting the inside, is a rattan lantern weave ball that is being lock inside. It symbolizes traditional craftsmanship. One ball symbolizing the decreasing craftsmanship market and technique.
All four side of the sculpture have different pattern, so the audience could walk around the see the sculpture in all direction.

Model Making Process:

2D II-(Project 2-Part 2) “ ZINE ” (2) – FINAL

Front Cover
Khong Guan biscuit tin represent treasure/something precious to grandmother. Choosing this as my cover page symbolizes this zine as a little important diary my character grandmother(onion head) want to pass down to her future generation. Adding the two colored character give a connection between my cover page and my content inside.

P.s why I choose onion head is because that is my grandmother favorite food.

Spread 1
Linking back to my infographic of zhu ba jie, the onion head as a young child going to the famous food in pasir ris. ordering her favorite dishes every time she visited the market. As well as Tampines IKEA with their iconic dishes.
Since the onion head is still young she did sprout yet.
also the little character at the top corners are the characters at different stages of life. I had this idea because it was suggested during my group consultation that I could have something throughout the spreads that link them together and also telling the audience who the main focus character are.

Spread 2
Spread 2 as well as the middle spread. is the development of the two character relationship. Meeting her husband (my grandpa favorite food: Garlic) at downtown east chalet because they attended other people 21st birthday. And also them growing up in their relationship they have to face the two years of boys army life. Linking back to my infographic, tang seng who travel to the east for chalet and sun wu kong who travel to pasir ris for meeting point at the interchange to tekong.
Since this is a spread about them in their teenage years, on the left page the onion sprout first because people always say girls hit puberty earlier than guys and on the right both grew up and sprout. The top comer character also change from individual onion (she have boobs now cause is teenage puberty age) to them as a couple on the right top corner. I also receive very helpful feedbacks that I could use normal people instead of food character to make the main lead pop out as the focus! THANK YOU!

Spread 3
This last spread was inspire by my own grandparents story. Back in the days, Changi prison was also a drug rehabilitation center. In kampong time, many people take the drug-opium. Including my grandfather. When my mom was young my grandmother receive a call from the police saying my grandfather was caught as was lock inside. So my grandmother had to wake up 4am in the morning to cook breakfast and lunch for my mother and uncle before she head to work. Because now she is the only source of income. Also on the table is what they always eat. Simple meal such as porridge with salted egg and fried fish. On the left is a hand-written letter (I actually got my grandmother to help me write-old people Chinese word SUPER NICE!) that the onion head wrote in the zine to pass down, words she want to say to her future generation. The yellow sleeve onion is like her younger generation reading.
Now the onion have grew old and starting to dry up.

Back Cover
This back cover is the funeral table of the onion head symbolizing the end of her life. On the desk the zine was place there.
P.s my grandmother is still alive and healthy:)

My Infographic🙂

I had a really fun time doing this zine and also understand many fundamental that we need to take note when creating a zine and would definitely help us when we create brochure, magazine, book etc in the future. Most importantly, on the first day of foundation 2D II I said that my goal this time round was to improve my graphic. And I think I really did improve, I can do many more type of style compared and also I learn a new software. (I did learn Indesign in poly-but “you know~~ HAHA”) Also I am so grateful for this group of wonderful classmate. Always giving their best attention when someone is presenting and helping as much as they can during consultation. Also Thank You Joy for making my year 1 in 2D class fill with so much precious memories. From the post-it note that filled with so much encouragement, the consultations that you always put in so much effort in helping us despite so many students, the pizza! and also always saying “please feel free to email me if you have any problem:)”. I really appreciate your passion in trying to teach us as much as you can and always pushing us. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

2D II-(Project 2-Part 2) “ ZINE ” (1) – RESEARCH AND CONCEPT

When we were told to create a zine link to the same location from our previous project. I was a little worry because like before, there isn’t much I could extract from Pasir Ris apart from it having alot of parks. Looking back at my infographic, I find it a little too (老人ISH-too old people like). Firstly, it contains so many heavy informations and would usually fit the like of older adult or basically elderly. So, I was thinking if I should continue with the same concept but work with a different style. But something new that I want to incorporate into this zine would be the idea of “Kong Guan Biscuit Tin”. Why “Khong Guan Biscuit Tin” is because grandmother likes to wrap their money inside a handkerchief or towel and then place them inside the biscuit tin, so the biscuit tin became something really important and precious to them.

Image result for khong guan biscuit tin old

But the problem is I have no idea how to link them to Pasir Ris:( So thankful for the consultation with Joy, she gave me a wonderful suggestion that I could create a zine like a diary style. Inside containing all the different stage of her(grandmother) life. Linking back to my previous infographic, Food, Chalet, Army and Changi Prison. They could actually fits into a grandmothers different stages and age or her life. Before the consultation, I have also look into different style my zine could be. Like previously Chinese? minimal? newspaper? cartoon? vintage? Searching through Pinterest I cam acrosss some Japanese magazine. I really love the clean and simple line work Japanese illustration looks and personally I am also a fan or Taiwanese comic illustration artist (台湾插画), no actually I really like Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia comic illustration. There are similarities between some of these artist is that even though they are from diffrent coutry. There is definitely a group of them uses very simple lines to create stories about their daily life. Some example are Cheeming Boey from Malaysia & WanWan from Taiwan


public advertising,Japanmizushima-wakeari at nombre
12983463_1164841790201954_3599309578037349332_o.jpg (679×960)The Daileys - Rami NiemiSpody

Image; Japanese Food Packages. TRADEMARKED ™. Information; Andrew's inspiration came Japan. Whether it’s huge cityscapes, a bottle of ketchup or even a delicious biscuit, he is constantly striving to document these things in a bright and striking manner. COPYRIGHT ©Yama Kitchen - Okamura Yuta, Midori Hirota『はらへりあらたの京都めし』②魚田南祥伝社装丁=川名潤

『POP-EYE FASHION』Popeye No. 816 | ポパイ (POPEYE) マガジンワールドOn the Creative Market Blog - 50+ Awesome Resources to Create Visual Notes, Graphic Recordings


Confirming my style and concept I want, I went on to create a mini zine to help me understand how the booklet pages suppose to be print and also to draft out the layout of my zine. (As shown in my sketch book). After consulting with Joy and approving the layout design, Its time to draw, draw, draw…… (You may click on hem to view it larger:))





I had to to create many drawings also making sure it doesn’t have any broken lines so I could fill in the color when i work with vector on illustrator. Appreciate sooo much that my grandma re-write the letter so many times for me because she keep insists old people handwriting messy:) HAHA. BUT AFTER ALL OF THIS I FINALLY HAD THE VERY FIRST ZINE I CREATED IN MY LIFE!!


3D II-(Project 2) – Conceptual Object (Final) – (2)


“Abandoning your inhibition and opening up is not always the best thing to do, bad emotions,feelings and character  are sometimes more suitable to be kept in”

To mimic the idea of a strong and sturdy protective cover (inhibition) that human created for ourself, I want to represent this idea with mother’s womb. A very important Protective Cover for the babies. Stretch marks are also often seen on pregnant ladies stomach so making it bloody symbolizes the hardship, pain and stretching apart people have to go through in order to come out of their comfort zone, opening up and abandoning their inhibition However, letting go and be open up doesn’t always means a good thing, Emotions, feelings and character that flows out might be worse and uncontrollable. It might not be as beautiful as perfect than we expect, just like the creepy babies head. 

Each and every of this head represent a different feeling, emotion and characters. Each of them are imperfect in their own way. Some have a distorted nose, bulge forehead, elongated mouth, holes in their head, growing boobies on their head (symbolizes feeling naked when opening up), cuts/ slice marks on face or even eyeballess eyes. 

I left my babies head on the self and took this photo in the evening 🙂 I felt that the sunlight actually provided a more creepy look to the babies:)

Thank You!:)

3D II-(Project 2) – Conceptual Object (Concept & Process) – (1)


The word that I was given was Inhibition:) So firstly, what is Inhibition? (Presentation Slide)

So after discussing with Peter, he suggested that I could choose either the bad or good inhibition and then critique it. I decided to go with bad inhibition:) I view the bad inhibition as a force that blocks someone to let-go, to open up about who they are and only abandoning his/her inhibition, they can then be who they really are. So, to critique this idea I decided to go with the idea 

“Abandoning your inhibition and opening up is not always the best thing to do, bad emotions,feelings and character  are sometimes more suitable to be kept in”

I went on to research on more different conceptual object and installation, Adding on I would also want to try to work with clay this time round:)

I wanted to make big clay head that shows a various of emotions and also with some heads having concept like they are being force or that peeling their skin off (letting go of inhibition) they are actually feeling very naked on the inside. However, I realize the clay was too hard to mold because the air dry clay dries up way too fast and I would be doing carving instead of molding in the end.

Previously, I have work with polymer clay before, and I know that polymer clay would be the best and most suitable clay to mold small and intricate details design. After trying out, I really love the effect, the clay allow me to easily mold various creepy expression and also allow me to add “contour” because of it’s slightly sticky surface. Originally, I thought that 30 heads would be enough but in total 54 heads would then create that fullness inside a acrylic ball.

Make, make, make…………….
Bake, bake, bake….

I wanted to create the idea of broken up a sturdy “inhibition” that human created for themselves and flowing out real emotions. So I crack an acrylic ball because I wanted the interior babies head to be seen and acrylic is something that is sturdy. But to explore more, I’ve tried searching online and I’ve got this and I went on to try it out:

You may click on the image, it would link you to this artist:)

But after testing I realize the wet tissue are not strong enough and it doesn’t create the rust effect I wanted to have:( Maybe because of lighting. I should have try placing portable light inside. And also this concept doesn’t allowed the interior babies head to be seen.
After showing peter, he gave me feedbacks such that the acrylic ball is too new looking. The glossy surface doesn’t seem to match the matte babies it took pretty detach. He sad maybe I could frost it ( because on part of it was frost when I tried to remove the price tag using ointment)

Going back home, I tried using different type of liquid to see which of it gave the best effect. In the end the original frost that I got from Ointment, weirdly I could not get it, reading online it says that it was because originally I have the adhesive  residue left thats why it was frosted. Try, try ,try Finally! the dish washing sponge gave the best effect. Unlike sandpaper, even with the most smooth sandpaper it would still create a very rough and scratchy lines on the ball. But dish washing sponge gave a very natural frosted effect with no lines!
My sister also love to create fake blood for her scars drama effect. So I started having the idea of changing the ball to a mother’s womb. Since womb have always been the protective cover for babies, fitting into the force inhibition cover.



東遊記 Journey to the East

It is a set of four piece of Infographic form by the two traditional red and green pick out from the Calendar and each containing different character from Journey to the West with Characters fitted on to them. It is in both English and Chinese for difference races. I separated the four into individual because different people would want different information when then visit east. Depending on what they are heading there for. 

First : 唐生 Tang Sheng

Tang Sheng = People travel happily to Pasir Ris for Chalet

Among the characters traveling to the west , Tang Sheng is the most willing one. Similar to people going for chalet because they are heading there for fun just like people traveling there for chalet/for fun they are willing to travel all the way to Pasir Ris. Therefore in the infographic Tang Sheng is seen bringing a backpack and a lotus to chalet.

In the middle, ” Orh, Downtown East Uh ” is the kind of reply locals always give when seomone told them they are heading for chalet. Everyone would definitely assume you’re heading to Downtown East Chalet.

At the bottom, just like Chinese calendar it contains all the informations. In this infographic it have informations like what does the chalet provides and what you need to know and bring before hands. P.s One bar Wifi = No Wifi!!!

Second : 孙悟空 Sun Wu Kong

Wu Kong = Army boys reluctant to travel to the East

Wu Kong was the most reluctant and unwilling person to go on the Journey to the West. Similar to the army boys, traveling to Pasir Ris means booking in to tekong and they are reluctant traveling all the way to Pasir Ris. Therefore in the infographic, Wu Kong is seen wearing his wushu shirt but in print of the camou patterns.

In the middle, ” Pasir Ris Chalet ” is locals army boys way of referring to booking in to tekong:)

At the bottom, it contains all the informations regarding the things to prepare and bring for tekong camp. These are informations and tips provided by other army boys that have been to tekong.

Third : 猪悟能 Zhu Wu Neng

Wu Neng = People travel to the east for food

Wu Neng (aka: 猪八戒 Zhu Ba Jie) is well-known for being constantly greedy for food. It definitely represent people traveling to the east for food. Therefore, in the infographic, Wu Neng is seen bringing along all the “da bao” food and “Yuan Bao” with him.

In the middle, ” We Go Pasir Ris Eat Loh ” is locals singlish way of suggesting or telling the place we’re gonna eat.

At the bottom, it contains all the informations and address of the famous and popular food found in the East. The red box are icons of different ingredient needed to create that dish

Fourth : 沙悟净 Sha Wu Jing

Wu Jing = Prisoners on the way to Changi Prison

I fell like Wu Jing is the most useless guy throughout the whole journey to the West. Throughout the Journey he old get caught and needed people to save him, pretty meaningless. Just like Wu Jing prisoners going to the Changi Prison have a very meaningless Journey there. Therefore in the infographic Wu Jing is shown guarded by many police dogs on his journey.

In the middle, ” Changi Chalet ” is locals term for Changi Prison:)

At the bottom, it contains all the information and history of the Changi Prison. Why I’ve decided to put these informations was because firstly, I don’t think there is a need to prepare anything when you’re own your way to the prison. Secondly, I believe like me, other than knowing it as a prison in general many locals actually do not know anything about how the  prison runs, how many times do caning session occurs, when? And ofcourse the history behind this prison. 

谢谢:) SEH SEH:)