Illustration For Designer: Applied Illustration (Final & Reflection)


On my design I have a little write up that tells people the actual meaning behind this gift, as many people know that these are list of items to prepare for betrothal gift ceremony but not many people know the symbolization behind each gift:) So I thought that it would be nice if it was written on the packaging:) 

Pig trotters Canned ( Gift for mother-in-law )

A little fun fact about this composition is that the little pig foot steps symbolise that the pig scarifies himself for this wedding “cook to become pig trotters canned”

Charcoal ( Symbolize a good life after marriage for the bride )

Teochew Traditional Wedding Cakes ( Also call “五色糖 five color candy” Cakes given to the couple relatives.)

Four Piece Gold Jewelry ( Gift for the bride from the groom parents, to be worn on the wedding day)

Mock Up:


I thought that it would be nice to have a nice packaging to contain all the gifts:)

Do check out my previous post for the work behind these illustration:)



While writing this post I can’t believe 13 weeks have just pass by, it seems like I’m am still struggling with my varoom magazine and now I have completed my final assignment. I came into this class wanted to learn more about graphic design as well as finding a direction on how I could convey whats in my mind into the illustration style I want. But I feel like I’ve learn more than that. through all the activities we have in class from closing our eyes and having black post-it to draw whatever we have really help me to be more creative. Whatever comes into your mind draw it out! even if its just a simple or something that might not really link to the theme but whatever idea you have draw it out because you never know!!:):):) Instead of just conveying what I have to illustration to graphics, I learn how I could further expand my creativeness, how I think out of the box to represent certain message or theme. 

For the technical aspect, Since being in product design I knew that I might not have much chance to try adobe software, and in year one I really enjoy all my 2D lesson from creating zine, to infographics as well as putting my interest and stories into my design:)  and I would really like to have a chance to continue trying and also to learn more. Coming to this class, I am so grateful to Ms Lisa, she never say no to any of the question we have regarding Illustrator and Photoshop, even if its just simple question like how to fill color in parts of my illustration she would be so happy to teach:) and also always sharing whatever new method and tricks we could use to improve our illustrations and sharing with us all the new Illustrator that she though could be our artist reference:) so touch and warm:( 

Overall, I really love this class especially the new friends I’ve made through this class, coming from different background and different interest, it is always so exciting to see what everyone have for the assignment during our critique sessions. I would definitely miss the exchange students when they go back:( and always grateful to all the classmate I have:):) Thank you Ms Lisa:) <3 

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