Illustration For Designer: Applied Illustration (Research – 2) Target Audience

For this project in order to find the correct illustration and well as to set my direction, I have created and list out a few user persona that I thought would be appropriate for my illustrations:


Also while discussing my topic with Ms Lisa, I told her that I am worry how do I simplify all the complicated pattern and design on the usual traditional chinese design for my illustration. And she suggested that I could take a look at this artist:

Sanna Annukka

I personally really love her use of geometric shapes to create the illustration, it reminded me of the illustrator tutorial that Ms Lisa taught us in class of using geometric lines and shape to create the animal patterns. I also love how she play with colours, personally I am afraid to use such striking color as I could not really find a way to balance out, but from her I could learn the way I could place my colour to neutralized it to that one does not over power one, and how colors that are opposite could blend well together.   

Do check out my next post for my moodboard and style I would like to try:)

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