Illustration For Designer: Applied Illustration (Research – 3) Moodboard

While researching for style I want to try I create a few mooodboard base on the different style I categories them 

Style in Color:

Style in Minimal Color:

Illustration Style:

THEN I COME ACROSS THIS THIS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I fall in love with the packaging style on the left the stamp effect and simplicity color attracted me:) On the right I really love how the designer work with the colors and the illustration. I am not really sure that the color would work with the stamp effect on the left as it might make the whole composition a little too messy. 

After consulting Ms Lisa, she say that it would be really nice if I could cut out the design and create the stamp effect than to create the effect using photoshop or illustrator:) 

I went to do some research on artist who created illustration with stamp effect:)

Some nice artist:






An interesting stamp design:):):) 

I love the flexibility! These are only available in Japan I think, but I bet with a little ingenuity you could carve/mould your own.

Next post for my creation of my design:):)

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