Illustration For Designer: Applied Illustration (Research – 4) Constructing Final

How I constructed my final design:)

So after having all the stamp I tried out using different paper and I realised by stamping on different paper the effect that the stamp gave out would be very different due to the absorbent of the paper towards the ink.

I tried using my own note book which have a much rougher grain size paper and the I really love the effect it gave out!!:) I show it to Ms Lisa she also really love the effect too!!:)

After stamping I scan the image in so I could do out my packaging in illustrator:

Some of the graphic created using illustrator. I have really alot of trouble when thinking about the placement of the clouds, no matter where I placed it there is always seems like a weirdness to the composition feedback I got from Ms Lisa was that it would be really nice if I could also carved and stamp out the clouds so that the the whole composition would look more “whole” and that it would tied the main design with the background images. Which I thought “AHHHHHH THATS WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY” 







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