Illustration For Designer: Editorial (Final)


“Empathy For Designer”

So after trying for many many many times, I decided that sticking to colors that are near match to the pills would be the best choice. My Concept is telling the audience to have a empathy on designer, to tell you the fact about designer. What stereotypes thoughts you have to the professional VS the actual facts of the people in this profession.Inside the pills (medicine designer eat) shows the truth of a designer life.

Assume we designer for free.
“It’s a simple job, make it nice, so do it at a low price or in fact for free.”

Assume we designer can fixed everything, light bulb, laptop, spectacles or even
“where to buy markers? Freaking popular lah!”

Assume we designer wear designer cloths and in fashion trend everyday, actual fact – Flip Flops.
“Come on! we work hours in front of our computers, let me be comfortable!”

Assume we designer have colored hair,
“I don’t even have time to cut my hair!”

Assume we designer have an easy job,
“Just come closer… Look at my dark eyes circle…!”

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