Illustration For Designer: Editorial (Research – 1) Theme & User Persona


I started this project by simply creating a blank page and write down the three topics:  Obsessions, Empathy and Style. Following, I wrote down events, situations that happen around me that are inspired by these three words. E.g, What people are obsess about (traditions, cheese, neatness),

Then I realized as i write, the is one common situation that occur on me personally and with the designer friends I have. Such situation seems to happen to us at least once, which is “Designer Stereotypes” .
“Designer Stereotypes” are situations or stereotypes designer receive that and being determine by others.

So i went and did a mini survey by asking my classmates and friends who are working in the current design field what are some stereotypes the receive:) Those highlighted one are the more common ones. So I decided to go with the concept “Having Empathy on us Designer”

Anti (People who might not be interested by the cover)

Reader (People who are interested by the cover)

Reader (People who are interested by the cover)

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