Illustration For Designer: Editorial (Research – 2) Inspiration & Moodboard

The first composition that caught my eyes were actually these little matt looking color pencil style like composition, but looking back at my theme there are alot of individual items and “stereotypes” that I wanted to in cooperate into the composition, this style to me seems more like creating a scenario/ situation so I thought that it might be hard to convey various elements into one composition.
Then I thought that why not looking into similar design but in a more simplistic and more tone down version of it. But I still find it looking like a scenario.

Since I’m a big fan of the use of simple and big shapes to bring out the composition. I look into vector and how people make use of simple line and solid colors to bring out the composition. And I realized quite a number of freelance Japanese artist love to use simple line work and shape and color to bring out the 3D effect in their composition and depth. 

As I research I saw other artist who make use of the similar vector (Simple line and big shape) to craft out their composition. Also rather than crafting out a scenario, some of the composition actually means something more than just a situation:) For example the top second from the right, it is actually a cover that talk about surgery or plastic surgery. Using simple line but different tone to complete the composition. 

After consulting, I decided to use Coen Pohl  as my artist reference. He bring out the object easily and also using lines and tone he showed how the object are places. Most importantly how he work with colour and have the background one similar tone but the objects in vibrant colour so it doesn’t loose its focus and identity in the composition. 

The initial layout composition I have would be this series of work by Christopher Reath but after consulting with Ms Lisa. We both agree that by referencing these style as layout, we might not be able to add in the vibrant colour from our artist reference, as it make uses of heavy shadow and minimal colour (more as highlight) to bring out the composition. So stuck as how I want the composition to be, I would be trying out the post it method Ms Lisa taught in class, Bring out brain back to blank (zero) and draw how we could craft our composition for out theme, than to search for reference layout options:) 

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