Illustration For Designer: Editorial (Research – 3) Composition Sketches

This is my Thumbnail Sketch on post-it for my composition:)

1-3, 5-7: I want to bring out the two side of of perspective in this composition, one side is the designer thoughts and another side is the stereotype thoughts people have towards designer.

4, This is one of my weakest composition i feel, personally I wanted to try out the style of my moodboard by putting random items on a desk but each items actually have a meaning to one stereotypes

8-9: So I have this idea of  making a PHD cert with small illustration to represent each stereotypes designer receives.

10-11, 13-14: This four composition is more of having a stereotypes as a whole composition, for example a designer on how he/she dress, But in the middle it have a Polaroid, x-ray or a magnifying glass to zoom in the and within the Polaroids, x-ray and magnifying glass are illustration of what the truth facts about designer.

12: This is a style that combines the idea of composition 4 and with a different meaning to the items place on. For example the medicine symbolizes the empathy for designer and each medicine pill represent the different stereotypes receives

15: This composition is using the point of view of the designer working as the whole layout, on the desk it would have items and truth about what a designer life is about and the things the could be seen (the actual fact) not stereotypes things like Starbucks, sunglasses etc. 

16: This is idea of the dollar twist ball game where each individual ball contains illustration that would represent the idea. But for this I felt that it would be a little weak and the twist ball might not be a good representative to show my concept.


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One thought on “Illustration For Designer: Editorial (Research – 3) Composition Sketches”

  1. Hi Rachel!
    I really like your theme on Empathy and the topic you’ve chose as it is relatable amongst art and design student! Hence, you’ve already gotten a very obvious target audience that will be drawn to your choice of topic and cover! 😀

    On first glance, the sketch that grabbed my attention the fastest is number 16! 🙂 The idea of using a Gatchapon machine ( The dollar twist thing ;)) is really great! Because I a designer often has to twist their brain into thinking and satidfy the requirements of their clients, but on the outside, people who see the gatchapon machine just assume that upon paying the money, they can get what they wish for.

    Hence, I think you can ride on that Gatchapon idea and the PHD one, so for every ball capsule is the hard work put in for every designer (Eg. Designers slogging out on the designs, where each ball capsule is the designer’s work place) and the exterior poster for the machine can just be a very stereotypical advertisement for the Gatchapon game ( E.g. Designers just draw, it is so easy! Just turn to get an easy design!) Then the turing knob can be a brain of the designer ^^ Just a whacky suggestion!

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