Illustration For Designer: Editorial (Research – 4) Finalizing Composition

Rough Sketch

Color Research
I look into some color concept that I could follow or have a guide because as I roughly created a background using the reference from my mood board I realized that the color are too down, it is too boring and gives a sad, moody feeling and I don’t want that as a magazine cover. Also it might not match my user persona, and having empathy for designer should have a color scheme that draws attention to convey the message but also a balance color that is not too cheerful nor too moody looking.
However, the color scheme that I chose does not match my design and artist reference that I choose, the color are too pop art and unrealistic looking, and the rest are too “normal” looking.

What I then decided to do since I could not foresee my composition would be to craft out the composition and then plan my color base on it. As there would be a lot of elements and items on the composition planning color ahead might not be the best solution to see the overall balance of the tones.

Drawing the Items

Adding Colors

Before Selecting colors I thought about designer working until morning, so I went over to colourlovers and search “morning” and I’ve selected two sets of colors


Unfortunately, this two sets of color is way too bright and too pop looking that it is not relevant to my theme and also it makes the whole composition slightly heavy and messy looking. 

What I decided to do since I am not really good with colors is that I went to simple search color palette and would be colors set that are group nicely together for me and i tried by placing it beside my composition and edit little at a time to find the fight balance and match

I came out with three “colors” that I am not fully convinced of so I am still trying to find the right color that balance the background as well as the items on the composition so that it does not attract the attention away.

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