Illustration For Designer: Self-Portrait (Final)


I am really happy with the final outcome because I have never tried adding so many different elements onto a paper cut composition before and I’m really glad that I tried it:)

Hair: The reason why I uses Chinese paper cut is because I love my Chinese culture, the traditions, the arts, the festival:)

Face: the crochet face represent my character as a slow person. I’m frequently in daze and lost in situation. doing my work slowly but still manage to hand them up on time. But because I’m slow I often had to give up my time for other things

Eyebrows: I use flocking powder as the texture of my eyebrows because I draw my eyebrows. However, they are always uneven and not in proportions:) So I go around with uneven eyebrows no matter how hard I tried to learn the way of drawing eyebrows. But sometimes, I do have good Eyebrows day!:)

U shape Cheeks: My friends around me always say that I have fishball like cheeks round and red, So I thought well.. that’s my part of my unique features I suppose:) 

Small Lips: The reason why I drew my mouth in such a small size is not because I have a small mouth, but instead I think I have a big round face which make my mouth look small and tiny:)

Eyes: (I’m being really thick skin, but I am blessed with big eyes and long eyelashes which I think was my most pretty part of my face:) omg.. I feel like smacking myself.

Wide gap In my Fringe: I think this is a common problem around girls with bangs, we tend to have this wide open gap in between out fringe that slip them into two part! argh!

Earrings: I have this pair of tassel earrings that I’ve been wearing frequently, and also to show that I love loonngg Earrings:):)

Shirts in two colours: The reason why in my composition I have a shirt with two colours and the collar area the colour are opposite again. It is because I would like to show the idea that I have Identical shirts in numerous colours:) You would definitely find a duplicate shirt in another colour or a few more other colour in my wardrobe:) And also the pattern on my shirt can shows the idea of it being the same shirt in different colour:)

Gin Bottle design on my shirt: This is a little fun fact about my name:) Not that I am an alcoholic who favors Gin but because Gin is my mother favorite spirit and that’s why she Incorporated Gin in my name “Ng Gi GIN Rachel” -.-“

Overall, I am really happy and had an really fun time crafting out a self portrait of myself. We have always been doing project with certain theme and topic but this time round I got to sit down infront of a mirror and jot down the various feature and character about myself. And trying paper cut using different medium was challenging but it help me learn something new that I never thought that I could manage:) Overall – HAPPY!


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