Illustration For Designer: Self-Portrait (Research)

PINTEREST!! first choice for research:) But before that, to give me a better direction I written down a list of words that best represent myself and who I am as a person. (p.s, you’ll have to be thick skin when writing:))

I am a very simple person, I love simple design simple decoration or sometimes as my mom would phrase it “boring” but I also have a quirky personality, liking weird, creepy, disgusting stuff and not afraid to share my “should be hidden embarrassed side of me” 🙂 

Having decided on the style of my illustration I began researching on the style and inspiration I would like go towards. Some inspiration I have below:)

Since this project is about presenting who I am, and I really like traditional medium. I choose to do paper-cut, and also incorporating and making-use of materials to represent the different personalities I have on my list. As materials have different texture, different “meaning” and different characteristic.


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