PD 4: ( Fukasawa – Embodiment )


I really like the sentence where Naoto Fukasawa mention Being on the creative side of things, I try to design not from the perspective of creating something new, but rather from a viewpoint of helping people realize something that they actually knew already I like this sentence because it reminded me when my group was doing the eco garden project. We are stuck at finding ways and be creative to create an unique “enclose” environment that could help create the solitude environment our group wants to archive. However, like the sentence sometimes is the small gesture that we already embodied in our daily life that show this idea of the solitude space that we want. Such as simple putting down the armrest. Even for us when we realize this we also go “oh” yaaaa that we are already doing it and knew already just the we are so focus of coming our something new, but forget to actually look at our daily gesture that already show us the hint to what we are looking for-something we already knew.

Sometimes as designer, it is not about always creating something new. Just like he mention take the environment into consideration, look at the surrounding as it is also an important factor when designing an object but also not forgetting what is the role of this object portraying.

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