4D-(Assignment 1) Picture Story-Curating Self (Task 1)


I really love the class sharing session we had today, I realized through today lesson i get to know my classmates better and some or the personal story they have. Some of them are really touching. Most importantly, we are almost around the same age, every presentation seems like a very relatable sharing session. it touches us deeply, and realized deep down everyone seem to have a common and similar story.

Introducing My Significant Object,

My ball, haha. Sorry.

Ok I know I very Bo Liao,



Actually this close up shot is to shows the detail on the ball, the fading color of the fabric  and dirtiness of the ball convey how this is an old object I’ve kept with a lot story behind it.



To me, this plush toy ball holds a very significant meaning behind it. Being the first baby in the family (mother side) my mom friend actually got me a set consists of a mattress, a bolster, a pillow and this little ball came with it. It has then being kept at my father’s side grandma house after i grew up.Ever since then, when there is a newborn in the family, my grandmother(father side) would take out this set, wash it and let the baby use, and when the baby grow up it would be kept back into her wardrobe till there is a new baby in the family. This routine goes on for years and now all my cousins and i have grew up. A few years back my grandmother pass away from then on the routine has stop and my auntie suggest that why not i bring back this set and this little ball ball became an important object to me.


In this photo I want to capture the proportion of me and the little ball. To symbolized how much i have grown, this ball use to be very big when i hold them with my small hands.

Suggestion from classmates and teacher Ru Yi: The back ground can be alittle bit tone down to allow the ball to stand out more. The staircase handle create a natural divider between the ball and I.


This little ball have been used by my cousins. So we actually recognized this ball when ever we see it and this photo shows the feeling i have whenever i play with it. Whenever i start throwing it at home with my sister, the fun and laughter comes out sincerly and that is what i want to express through this photo.

P.S. i think my sister fingers accidentally swipe the lens of the phone creating this off color tone.



In this photo I want to express the story of us grown up moving forward into our future. I place the ball on my shoulders and look out symbolized the idea of carrying those childhood memories and inner child we have as we grow up day by day. The dark background shows the idea of our pass and the brighter outside shows the idea of our future. The ball place on my shoulder also creates a contrast with the dark background. It makes the color of the ball stands out more showing that in my pass this little ball holds a important meaning, in all the memories i have when i was young, the meaning with the object is special compare to the rest.



Lastly, I hold the ball gently in my hands to show how important and precious this object is to me. It also symbolized how the olders one in my family holding us in their palm taking care and protecting the younger ones in the family.


  1. It doesn’t shows out the real happiness i have when i’m playing with the object
  2. I wanted to put it on my leg to shows the proportion of the ball and I, But i realized you would look at the item in a whole instead of comparing them individually.
  3. I actually pretty like this photo it does shows the emotion of me putting down the pass, growing up and into the future. But i feel despite myself being blur the rest of the buildings behind are also blur and it kind of look a little distracting.

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