Hello My Name is…..

On our first Lesson of the semester, We were given a task to create three different nametags to introduce and describe ourselves.

And so I started wondering what kind of person I am, 

Noisy? Irritating? Quiet? Forgetful? Cheerful? Clumsy? 

Then I realised IM INDECISIVE!


I cannot make decision quickly and always take a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg time to decide what I want, especially in school work. Font, Size, Color.. OMG!

So I took a long time to even try to think of the three words to describe myself hahaha


And since I’m indecisive, I’m SLOW.

I was told by my friends that I could time myself to complete a certain work within 1 hour, but I can NEVER do it within an hour:(

I’ll eventually exceed 1 hour and took longer then i expected. I work so slowly just like separating brown rice and white rice = a long and slow process


Lastly , is a fun fact about myself and where my name Ng Gi GIN Rachel come from.

Ok, you guys know Gin and Tonic the spirit right?


Apparently, this is my mom’s favourite drink and she decided to just call me Gin an include it in my name. Not some deep meaning behind my name, its just because it’s her favourite spirit. Many of my friend always joke saying

” Orh so your sister call vodka and brother call martell is it? -.-‘

Thank you uh:)

4D-(Class) Movie Poster: H.E.L.L.O

As practice, we were ask to introduce our-self by making a poster.  来咯!

Compressed oss

Tittle : H.E.L.L.O

Genre: Family / Documentary

Story: Mic test, mic test, ahem, hem hem ahem okok.

Growing up living with my grandmother (due to my parents work and distance to school) I do not have much family time with my parents. When you’re like 4 to 7 years old, it is not easy to just flag a taxi or board a bus to meet my parents. so I only got to see them during weekends.

Well it its not that sad, i mean i do enjoy my life at grandma house, having fun in void decks, playing at playground and PASAR MALAM (heaven~).

But i guess I do envy friends who see their parents everyday. Now grown up, i really treasure quality time with my family, or you can say that I am a very family orientated person. I always tried to spend as much time as possible with my family, even just simple meals.


Only during weekends the corridor of my house would be filled with shoes from my family members. It is a scene that I would love to come home to everyday. I decided to create a more brighter and colorful background tone in contrast with the darker photo of myself because it not only creates a certain depth instead of a flat image, but it also convey that at times when I am down and I want to be alone, the colorful background symbolize the warm my family gives me and constantly remind me that i haven them to turn to. Just like the family silhouette in my head symbolize me constantly thinking about them.