3D-(Assignment 3) “Plane with Points to Lines”



Week 1 is more of me familiarizing with the thread and how to handle the thread with the plane. How to get it’s tension and how to interact the colors. Nothing much but more of playing around to see what effect I got. So i mainly tried with straights like and interacting them.


In week 2 of our assignment I was experimenting with the plane. Usually to get more complicated design. We would all end up getting a “C” shape out of the plane. So I wanted to try bending the planes in different direction and having the thread in both direction display a totally different thread style.

(Left) – the thread comes from different individual short line and ending up with different direction

(Right) – the thread comes from an individual long curve and ending with the another long curve.

However, Peter gave a suggestion that probably the design in the left side shows more dynamic, more things going on compared to the design on the right side. And told me that probably I could go back and experiment with more design.


And so I went back and experiment with different types of plane bending designs and various type of starting point. E.g Straight Lines, Geometric Shapes, Curve Lines, S Lines or Zig-Zag Lines.



After experimenting the most annoying thing is getting the tension of the thread, I believe this is the common problem within the class. After pulling one side, the other side loose, or the thread get tangled together.

But after experimenting, I was thinking why not I try creating density and exploring direction out of simple staring line? and is there a viewing perspective that I could see the interaction of these lines?


I drew simple lines on my A3 plastic sheet that look like this: and started connecting the thread from opposite direction going vertically and horizontally. Adjusting the distance between each thread line to create different density.





And also I decided to bend the plane in this cylindrical way so that if we view from one corner in, we could see the interaction between these lines and the interaction of the colors.

Comments I’ve receive:

The Blue horizontally line across seems a bit out of the way, seems weird and doesn’t match with the rest of the thread lines:(

But still, THANK YOU!!!:)