Casting Day 1 – Benjamin Tan

Benjamin Tan


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– I think he’s good in portraying JOE, especially so because I can imagine him with the 4am look.

– How he played JOE in this scene was to internalise the idea of the scene and play it out in his own way.

– I particularly like his little actions, like rubbing his arms or getting frustrated with Jake. But sometimes I do admit that it is a bit over the top.
Overall, I think he can play JOE, but we shall see with the other cast audition on Monday.

Author: Goh Ansen

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One thought on “Casting Day 1 – Benjamin Tan”

  1. ansen, watched alr.


    a couple of things to note when u direct him.


    1) change his dialog. it isnt natural when he says “I’m going already”. Maybe he can say something more natural… this u gotta ask him. There are many instances where he sounds like he’s just saying the lines and for the sake of it.


    2) mouth position. a bit stiff. haha! like can relax a bit more.


    3) i dont mind if u have decided to use him but he can afford to be less showy

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