Casting Day 2 – Coke & Salif



Background – Laselle Acting school.

Cast Audition can be viewed here –

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I think Salif stands out as a character. He looks interesting and is able to portray a more comical side. Although slightly theatrical at times, I feel that he delivered the best performance out of the 3 casts. I say this in terms of believability – whether I, as an audience would believe that this particular actor would be in such a situation.


screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-2-04-54-amShowreel here –

Cast Audition can be viewd here –

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I personally enjoy working with Coke a lot. What I really like about his performance is through his subtle movements in his face muscles / eye movement that tells a lot without big actions. That being said, there are times throughout the take that I don’t believe that he would actually get girls to strip, I think he really looks too innocent for the role.


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