Initial Development #1 – Before Consultation

Possible Manifestation of the Laura –
Maybe / Maybe not (POV of Laura)

blackmirror00006(Black Mirror – White Christmas)






  • Similar build to an Amazon Echo


    Possible Plot points

    • Establishing how integrated Laura is in Gerald’s & Charmaine’s life.
    • How did Laura find out about Gerald’s “affair”?
      • Charmaine comes home one day feeling unwell, when she was supposed to be at a lunch date with Gerald. She knows this because she was the one who made the reservation. 
    • Curious, Laura secretly tap onto Gerald’s phone and live streams. Phone on the table POV – Sees a woman laughing with Gerald.

    What did Laura do after finding out?

    • She tries to remind Gerald about the good times. – Changing his phone’s wallpaper, sending flowers
    • Tries to clean up Gerald’s relationship by sending flowers to Charmaine’s workplace without Gerald’s permission.

    What are the conflicts for Laura?

    • She does not want to expose Gerald, because it will ruin her family.
    • Has to keep a secret from Charmaine.
    • Grappling with betrayal as an emotion (Gerald’s betrayal)

    What does Laura do when confronted by Gerald?

    • Gerald confronts Laura about activities initiated by herself.
    • Threatens to shut Laura off and have her replaced (Possibly through Gerald’s recent searches of the new improved version of Laura).
    • Feels threatened, blackmails Gerald. How?

    Woman enters the house with Gerald?

    • Laura attempts to destroy the other woman by tapping in her capabilities.
    • Laura locks them in and unlocks only when Charmaine comes back?
    • Laura turns up the temperature of the water when the woman is taking a shower, causing her to suffer from burn.

    Possible twist –

    • Laura finds out that there is a reason for Gerald to cheat? Charmaine is cheating?
    • So maybe the stranger in the house is Charmaine’s affair instead of Gerald’s, but to the audience it seems like it was Gerald who brought his affair home?



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