Research #5 – Creating Laura’s Presence (Sound of Honda)

One of the interesting discussion point during yesterday’s production design meet was to play around the idea of creating presence rather than showing physically, Laura’s presence.

I communicated that I really want Laura to have the free will and ability to “roam” freely around the house. We brainstormed really hard and decided that it would be interesting to see Laura move from devices to devices, signified through “light”. An example of this is “Sound of Honda” – they managed to create the presence of F1 cars racing through solely sound and light visuals.

Author: Goh Ansen

Hallo, Wie Geht es dir? Mein Name ist Ansen und ich bin vierundzwanzig Jahre alt. Mein Lieblingessen ist Hähnchen mit Pommes Frites und ein Glas Cola.

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