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A bulk of the script was inspired by Abraham’s suicide in order to achieve realism.

Abraham’s reason for committing suicide – “The suicide note stated that he had hurt other people and hated himself for being a failure.”

In this instance, it is a broadcast website, where many people had the opportunity to encouraged him and egged him on to killing himself.

Unlike the premise of “Disconnected”, the suicide that takes place, also an overdosed, is not broadcast to the public but only to the person who is connected.

This creates an opportunity in creating drama and dilemmas as now only one person can make a difference and in that sense, shoulder the responsibility of whether the stranger lives or dies.

In my script, Amelia, the stranger who overdosed does not scream “I am killing myself”, but rather, she just ODs. I chose the script to play out this way because then Joe does not have the opportunity to convince Amelia not to kill herself, but rather, it now becomes a race against time for Joe, who is the unfortunate witness of this episode.

He is forced to think on his feet. Recall things that they spoke about / little details that may help find Amelia’s whereabouts. This creates frustrations perhaps.

In the script maybe it was too easy that Joe finds her details and saves her. Perhaps an alternative could be that he doesn’t find out anything and now he is watching her die.

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