Scene Analysis for Acting Rehearsal // Acting Workshop (22 Sept)




Scene Analysis

  • In this scene, Joe gets caught off guard when the stranger he has been (webcam) live streaming with goes unconscious and starts foaming.
  • This scene is the turning point for Joe when he goes from the cheeky, charming fellow he is, to disbelief, to panicking and then to being quick witted.
  • In the state of panic, he calls his good friend for help, and through the conversation, he reveals to the audience more information about how he has been using “The Strangers Network” and that this has been a routine for him.
  • The phone conversation aided in Joe’s thought process as he recalls information about the stranger.

Plot Points / Actions

  • Joe is taken aback when he realises the girl he is live streaming with is unconscious and foaming.– How this will be conveyed through action: He stands up / places his hands behind his head & starts pacing around.
  • He becomes doubtful that it is a prank / is in disbelief.

    – How this will be conveyed through action: He shouts at the computer screen to get a reaction.
  • He checks once more on the computer screen and he realises that it is happening.
  • He doesn’t know what to do, he calls his friend.

    – How this will be conveyed through action: He goes to the bed and sits on the edge of the bed / goes back to the computer screen / back and forth.As he speaks to Jake, he expresses agitation and anxiety – He does this by raising his voice but trying to contain it at the same time (because it is late in the night)
  • He has an epiphany – he remembers a piece of information that is crucial to finding the stranger.– How this will be conveyed through action: Through his expression / jumps out of his bed. Perhaps he drops the call with Jake, as he is no longer important now that he has a solution. Overall, his actions are more rushed and quick as compared to before.

Characters & Props involved

Characters: Joe, Amelia (stranger) & Jake (Joe’s good friend)

-Computer & a mouse.
-A mobile phone.
-A bed.

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