Character Biography (Joe & Amelia)

Joe / Early 20s.

Joe, the protagonist of my film, is an opportunist, lonely and horny. He isn’t exactly very good looking or ugly, an average joe really, but strangely charming. Perhaps this is why he manages to get girls online to do what he wants to satisfy his sexual needs. He is desperate to wrap girls around his fingers and he craves and seeks sexual relief over the internet through pornography and through live streaming, where he meets and convinces girls to strip for him.

He lives in the moment and craves for instant gratification.

But despite all that, he has a conscience, but it is buried deep within himself as he is immune to whatever he has been doing and over time, it does not come off to him as wrong or perverse. That being said, in times of crisis, that conscience slowly emerges.

Amelia Lai (Stranger on the other side of the webcam) / Early-Twenties.

Amelia is good looking, fresh-faced, highly sort after kind of girl. She comes from a good family and she exudes positivity in her life and is full of love. She has a dog named Ginger whom she loves more than anything in the world, so much so that she has an Instagram account for her dog. Her strengths are also her shortcomings. She loves too hard and that became her downfall. In her previous relationship with her ex-boyfriend, she sent nudes to him. She isn’t the sort to do such acts but to please her then boyfriend, she does it. Unfortunately for her, her ex-boyfriend leaked her nudes online after they broke up and now everyone has seen her naked body. Thereafter, her relationship with her family became estranged. She is judged by her friends, expelled from school and left her all alone. This forces her to turn on to the internet to confide in strangers.

However, Amelia is not as strong as we wished she would be, so one night, she finally decides to end it all. She downs anĀ entire bottle of pills and goes online to perhaps seek her comfort, from a stranger, as her life slowly waste away.