Edit Workflow / Research on After Effects

The rough cut is in place. The next step now is working on the screen recording and putting it into after effects to create the “zooming in effect”.

The initial idea for “Disconnected” was to use the “full screen” screen recording but I realised that with so many things going on the screen, it might be distracting. So instead, it would work better in terms of narrative , to direct the audience’s attention to parts of the screen using the technique above.

Reference – http://www.vice.com/en_us/read/step-inside-the-computer-screen-of-noah

Editing Workflow

img-20161009-wa0002 img-20161009-wa0003 img-20161009-wa0004 img-20161009-wa0005

Credits: Matthew Lee for the screengrabs.

Workflow – 

  1. Working on the cutaways for “Joe” first to string together a sequence.
  2. Sync audio with cutaways of “Joe”, photobooth recording of both “Joe” & “Amelia”
  3. Creating interface for strangers network.
  4. Recording screen activity based on (1) & (2) – to sync with his eye and hand movements.
  5. Color grading + Aftereffects

Casting Day 2 – Coke & Salif



Background – Laselle Acting school.

Cast Audition can be viewed here – https://vimeo.com/185358148/2700479029

Comments / 

I think Salif stands out as a character. He looks interesting and is able to portray a more comical side. Although slightly theatrical at times, I feel that he delivered the best performance out of the 3 casts. I say this in terms of believability – whether I, as an audience would believe that this particular actor would be in such a situation.


screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-2-04-54-amShowreel here – http://youtu.be/6n-D7T-EHG4

Cast Audition can be viewd here – https://vimeo.com/185357648

Comments / 

I personally enjoy working with Coke a lot. What I really like about his performance is through his subtle movements in his face muscles / eye movement that tells a lot without big actions. That being said, there are times throughout the take that I don’t believe that he would actually get girls to strip, I think he really looks too innocent for the role.


“Noah” // Research on Screen Recording Technique.

At the initial stage of “Disconnected”, I was largely inspired by this short film, “Noah“, that did storytelling entirely based off a screen recording.

I wrote to the director and editor a couple of days ago asking if they could share the technique of how they did “Noah”. They just wrote back to me and introduced me to the screen recording program as well as the workflow.

I will attempt to try out their technique as part of my “Little test 3”.

A Little Test

So, today I took the interface of Omegle and made it into “The Strangers Network”.

Thereafter, I tested on screen recording as well as photobooth recording. The little test can be view here- https://vimeo.com/185019035/6a57678f3e

Photobooth recording was the top video, and the screen recording was the bottom video. Photobooth recording allows for audio recording as well, as such we’ll be using photobooth recording for our shoot.

After the test, we’ve concluded on the work flow for the actual day shoot, which have been added to the shot list document here –  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HLPjO18CkeZIGf5b2zhRbr1SoNvB-CnPzUPD_64CP6Y/edit?usp=sharing


Casting Day 1 – Benjamin Tan

Benjamin Tan


View casting video here – https://vimeo.com/184858012/2ca0f5220f

Actor’s CV here – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7406651/?ref_=ext_shr_eml_vi#lb-vi2303112985

– I think he’s good in portraying JOE, especially so because I can imagine him with the 4am look.

– How he played JOE in this scene was to internalise the idea of the scene and play it out in his own way.

– I particularly like his little actions, like rubbing his arms or getting frustrated with Jake. But sometimes I do admit that it is a bit over the top.
Overall, I think he can play JOE, but we shall see with the other cast audition on Monday.