Telematic Stroll

East and west

Posted by Goh Chersee on Friday, 3 November 2017

Telematic Stroll Co-broadcasting

For the project, Xin Feng and I wanted to explore how to make an interesting composition for the co-broadcasting. We discussed our plans for the project and wanted to make a video about the journey to the center from both sides. Initially, our plan was to use the MRT as our transportation to the middle. However, a few MRT station would be underground and would not make an interesting broadcasting. Therefore, we changed our transportation to the bus. We both started our journey from the East(Cher See) and the West(Xin Feng), slowly traveling to the middle that is Serangoon. Our project was extremely time-sensitive and needed much coordination to pull it off.

Our plan for telematic stroll

  • At 10.00am, prepared and standby at our bus stop, ready to board the bus if arrived.
  • At 10.15am, we would start our broadcasting
  • At 10.30am, both of us would arrive at Serangoon
  • After the both of us have successfully arrived at Serangoon, we would search for each other and end our co-broadcasting.

Here are a few shots that I personally find very interesting and could be used to explore our project further if there was another chance.

This is one of the shots that actually sync up nicely with both our live feed. It produced an intriguing effect for the broadcasting.

Both of our live videos had the MRT tracks as part of our video, I find this very amusing as we did not plan for this shot at all. I would call this one of the few happy accident.

The both of us walking together.

The part where we met up with each other.


OBS Technical Session

The Technical Test for both Xin Feng and I was to eliminate the lag between both feeds as the delay might prove to be more distracting during the live feed.

Google Hangout

Both I and Xin Feng thought of using Google Hangout to connect each other. As we tried to use each other Facebook live video as part of our video, the inevitable lag between both live feed made the performance a lot harder and it would make the visual a lot messier.


The Audio should be simple, as there isn’t any background music that we will be playing in our live video. It is more essential that our voices are accurately recorded in our video. Google Hangout allowed us to have a proper conversation on the live video.

Things to take note of 

I believed that there will still be lag between both of us as having OBS, Facebook Live and Google hangout running in the background of our computer took up lots of processing power from the CPU. The connection in the school might also be part of the factor that lag will occur. The only effective way to eliminate all lags would be to have a computer with a higher processing power and a stable internet connection.

Link to our Technical Test

password- randall



OBS Experience

I have always felt nervous when facing the public online. However, I felt more comfortable this time round as I have all the prior experience that I could fall back to. After researching Jon Cates’ work, Bold3RRR, I had a basic idea of the content that I wanted to broadcast, a simple video about how I entertain myself with the new type of content that I felt that have great potential to grow in the “third space”, the digital commentator of video games.

Super Best Friends – one of the Let’s Player on the internet

Digital Commentator, also known as “Let’s Play”, was about a player broadcasting the play session and share it with the world. The urban dictionary define “Let’s Play” as,

One or more people, usually from message boards, that record themselves playing video games through screenshots or captured video (Mostly the latter). This can be any game, from Doom to Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

PewDiePie – one of the famous Youtuber that make Let’s Play content

I felt that more and more people are engaging in alternative media and entertainment such as “Let’s Play”. However, those who do not understand such entertainment who often question and ultimately dislike these type of new media. I personally find myself enjoying such videos and the interaction with the “entertainer”. This could also be used to compare with the Videofreex where the audiences were about to interact with the host in the “third space”. However, in this case the audiences would use the message board instead of the telephone.

Video Double Assignment

for school assignment

Posted by Goh Chersee on Wednesday, 23 August 2017


I would like to believe that my alter ego is a hoarder, collecting books and hoarding things that I would find important, even if it has no value at all. Though I love to hang out with my friends and enjoy interacting with people, I have to admit that I also love to stay in my comfort zone and immerse into the world I’ve created. This also shows the artist side of me, collecting bits of knowledge and techniques to further improve my skill as an artist, also to increase my visual library through reading and studying all the varies solution to a design problem through all these art books.

Therefore I view all these books as my gold, surrounding myself with all the wonderful treasure as I slumber, portraying myself as a “Dragon”, for dragon is well known for their hoarding behavior.



Real Time Aggregation

Part 1

This is for school.

Posted by Goh Chersee on Thursday, 17 August 2017

Part 2

15 mins of live vid for school

Posted by Goh Chersee on Thursday, 17 August 2017

I will be describing what it feels like to broadcast a Facebook live video, all the decision that I have made in different stages of the broadcasting.

Before broadcasting live video

When I was told to broadcast a Facebook live video, I was nervous, very nervous. Partly because I wasn’t sure of the exact things to do for the live broadcasting and I never had the experiences of broadcasting ever. There were many things that came to my mind as of what to do in the video, but I quickly dismiss all the thoughts of a choreographed video as it would not properly accentuate the main focus of the project. I believed that we were to film objects, locations or scenarios that were interesting to us, that were happening in the natural progression of the environment, rather than a choreographed video that was carefully thought out. So I had decided to follow my guts and do what was right, to film whatever that piqued my interest at that point in time.

Broadcasting live video

I had to admit that it was both fun and embarrassing to be broadcasting with other fellow classmates, but to be able to walk around the school while capturing moments of your life and shared it with your friends on Facebook was kinda refreshing. It couldn’t be expressed with words as I couldn’t really pinpoint my exact emotion at that time.

It is hard to maintain my demeanor and composure in front of a camera, knowing that there were people watching me, even if it was a small audience. Before the broadcasting, it never crossed my mind that the audiences were actually interacting with you! Although they are not physically in the same location as you, they were still interacting with you in the “third space” while commenting and liking your video and as you were reacting to their comment at the same time.

Seeing people reacting to my live video has also made me extremely self-aware. I was afraid of wasting their time on my video and that they might judge me based on the video that I’ve broadcasted.


I am excited to see the end product of the mini project, excited to see what other classmates had captured on their live video. And it was satisfying to see all the live video come together and form the narrative.

The project had also change my perception of broadcasting. I used to think that live video was just the same as any other video. They were just entertainment meant to be consumed by the customer. However, now I had a new-found respect for people that stream live video online. It was not as easy as it seems to be and to be juggling with all the comments and information at the same time could really prove to be too much for some people.