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Posted by Goh Chersee on Thursday, 12 October 2017

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Posted by Goh Chersee on Thursday, 12 October 2017

After 8 weeks of broadcasting, I considered myself as a professional in creating a live feed for the audiences. However, learning about the Co-broadcasting function on Facebook Live have changed how I would do future streaming.

Technical Difficulties 

One of the major problems of Co-broadcasting or just live streaming had always been the connection problem. I was hosting the stream while Xin Feng was joining me and she was having a problem with the internet connection. The stream turns out to be fine, but there are a few parts that were laggy and the audio was all messed up.

Another improvement that the Facebook Live could develop on was to allow more than just 1 person to join in the live streaming. It would emphasize on the concept of super participation and allow our team to explore many ideas utilizing the function of Co-broadcasting.

In conclusion, I would definitely use this function in my team’s final project.


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