Device of the Week #2 – Nike Mag

Nike Mag or Nike Air Mag is a product by Nike, promoting Michael J. Fox Foundation and help find the cure for Parkinson disease. It is a self-tying shoe that would activate when a button is pressed. It resolves the problem and complexity of tying a shoe and the wearer do not have to worry about the shoelace untying itself during an activity.

Component -Shoe, Button, Motor, LED Light

It was inspired by the movie “Back to the Future” and it showed the futuristic vision of the product in our future. It was a simple idea that was executed well and had a functional use for people with a disadvantage.

One could imagine the mechanics of the self-tying shoe. When button number 1 is pressed, it would register an input and change the variables from the value of 0 to 1, and the motor will start turning clockwise, tying the shoe in the process. When button number 2 is pressed, it would register an input as well, but change the variables from 1 to 2, and the motor will start to turn anti-clockwise, untying the shoe. When no button is pressed, no input would be registered and the values of the variables would go back to 0, putting the devices in a neutral mode.

In conclusion, I really like how simplistic and functional a device can get.


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